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6 Amazing Finished and In-Progress Buildings to be Excited About

Raiders stadium

Our customers are our business partners here at Wynne, and nothing makes us more excited than seeing our partners prosper by working on and finishing new projects.

Without further ado, here is a list of six completed or in-progress projects to be excited about this year:

Raiders Stadium Las Vegas – McCarthy & Mortenson

McCarthy and Mortenson scored this $1.9 billion project set for completion in June 2020, and there are few buildings that make everyone more excited than a football stadium. The project is not expected to break ground until December of 2017 on a 32-month schedule, but that hasn’t stopped workers’ enthusiasm for construction to commence.

As the project is still in its planning stages, McCarthy and Mortenson have also begun hosting outreach meetings like the Subcontractor and Supplier Kick-Off Meeting designed to inform others about the project scope, timeline, and procurement opportunities. They are even looking for subcontractors and suppliers in the Las Vegas area as a way to engage local businesses!

This will definitely be an exciting project to follow, and you can do so by keeping up with McCarthy and Mortenson on Twitter.

O’Brien Wind Project – Mortenson

Many of our customers take on projects in the renewable energy sector, and Mortenson also has a rich portfolio featuring many successful renewable energy projects.

One of Mortenson’s latest projects is called the O’Brien Wind Project, undertaken by Mortenson’s Wind Energy Group. The project, envisioned by the MidAmerican Energy Company (MEC), will provide clean energy for almost 75,000 households.

Mortenson even hosted “Kids and Cranez”, a joint-effort community outreach activity with MEC and Siemens Energy. Kids, accompanied by their parents and grandparents, got to interact with the surrounding heavy equipment and participate in a coloring contest with two bicycles, hard hats, and t-shirts as prizes.

LA Valley College Monarch Center – Rosendin Electric

Winner of a 2016 Design-Build Institute of America Project/Team award, Rosendin Electric’s contribution to the construction of the Los Angeles Valley College Monarch Center led to a great and long-lasting achievement for the university. The project even netted an additional award in Electrical Excellence from the National Electrical Contractors’ Association (NECA).

The multi-purpose building has served its students and faculty well since its completion after 27 months of work and $46,661,760 budget. It includes a bookstore, cafeteria, health services center, café, collaborative spaces, and recreational areas.

It’s no wonder Rosendin Electric and other contributors were awarded for the project’s construction and design, considering all the different areas the building needed to accommodate.

And speaking of students and learning opportunities, Rosendin Electric is currently training a new batch of 50 young, up-and-coming interns. Sneak a peek at their progress on Twitter.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center – Messer

In a joint venture with the Linbeck Group, Messer was able to create one of the most uniquely designed healthcare buildings in recent years whilst winning the 2017 Alliant Build America Award. The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (also known as the University of Cincinnati Health Proton Therapy Center) is also one of the nation’s first pediatric proton therapy facilities, facilitating a therapy that does not damage tissue surrounding cancer cells.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is one of the top children’s hospitals in the nation, and seeing the fun, colorful interior of the new building demonstrates that. It takes a series of creative minds to create a building that would capture a child’s imagination, and the talented people at Messer managed to do that and win an award in the process.

Newcastle Science Laboratory – Kier Group

This project was handed off to Kier in May of 2017 with an estimated completion date in late 2018. The end result will be a laboratory facility dedicated to giving high-quality incubation space to the life science and healthcare sector. Its budget is £20 million.

The Newcastle Science Laboratory is part of a series of developments to the growing Newcastle Science Central, which is meant to drive research and advance hospitals in the area.

This project is also not Kier’s first research building, as they’ve undertaken large-scale science-based projects such as the Bristol and Bath Science Park as well as The Sainsbury Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. The Newcastle Science Laboratory will definitely be a building to follow as the demand for research gets higher and higher.

Follow Kier on Twitter to get the latest on the project and get a good look at their cute, anthropomorphic mascots, Kieran and Kiera.

Sycuan Hotel and Casino Expansion  – Swinerton Builders

This project just broke ground in March 2017 at the Native American Sycuan Hotel and Casino, commencing a massive 356,309 square-foot undertaking that will include a new 12-story hotel, swimming pools, lazy river, and a remodeled casino.

A longtime partner of Swinerton Builders, the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation will continue operating the hotel during construction. Swinerton Builders even headed the previously built Sycuan Casino, which is being remodeled for this project.

Swinerton Builders has a long period of success especially in California, as GenieBelt published a map of the United States showing which companies in 2017 are the biggest in construction for each state. Swinerton Builders was named as California’s biggest construction company.

Keep track with Swinerton Builders’s success stories on Twitter, where they recently received recognition for their Country Club Towers in Colorado.

We are so proud to see our customers contribute to such amazing creations. From the beginning stages of artists’ renditions all the way to first breaking ground, it is always an amazing feeling to achieve an end result worthy of everyone’s dreams.

Thank you for all the work you have accomplished! We cannot wait to see what lies ahead!

Written by: Karanina Ashbeck

She’d rather go by Kara, but will respond to Karanina. She is a technical writer at your favorite software company and loves to write and play video games. She also loves to hear the sound of people laughing at her jokes, unless it is at her expense. Want to get in touch? Contact us here.

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