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Specialty rental solutions that deliver success

Our flexible solutions can provide your specialist rental company what it needs to perform at its optimum

Configurable and flexible enough to handle your unique specialty rental business.


Our solutions have helped specialty rental companies in industries such as oil and gas, shoring, safety and scaffolding, medical equipment, modular and electronic or AV rentals.


Capitalize on your business’ strengths and customize your software to enhance those strengths. The flexible solution gives you the power to create multiple workflows to capture different information and drive different business processes based on customer, equipment and location types.

Capture labor revenue

Maximize your revenue potential by capturing revenue for all labor. Whether it’s for installation/dismantling or operated equipment, you can calculate labor at the contract or project level, offering a single invoice for your customers.

Project and job costing

For large, complex, and lengthy projects, you can get a complete picture of your revenue and costs. Capture information from service, POs, rentals, sales and re-rentals which feeds straight into the general ledger giving you an accurate P&L by project at any time.

Comprehensive financials

With a completely integrated financial package, there’s no need to mix and match accounting and rental packages. With our solution, you can invoice, run a multitude of deprecation methods and create finance statements. For every possible transaction, you’re covered.

Synchronize your organization

When times call for integrations, you can sync data between your external solution and ours. Our open platform makes it so that you can share real-time data across one or more platforms, keeping your entire operation in sync with one another.

wynne rentalresult quantity available

Complete visibility of all your assets

Specialty rental can become very complex, with many moving components to track, measure and manage. RentalResult tracks every movement of your assets, throughout the contract process as well as internal movements within your organization. This helps provide the insight necessary to maximize utilization across your entire fleet.

Simplified labor allocation

For projects that require more than just equipment, you can include labor on any quote or contract. Rapidly assign operators, technicians, supervisors or any other required labor on a contract in just a few clicks. The system will verify any conflicts, certifications and time frames, so you can easily swap operators out when necessary.

Labor Allocation min
wynne rentalman service dashboard to manage equipment rental business

Track, measure and manage

Get a pulse on your business’ performance with easy-to-build dashboards. Reports and dashboards are configurable to meet the needs of its intended audience. Create branch-level dashboard to drive KPIs or executive-level dashboards to get a snapshot of business health. All data is in real-time, so you can quickly make decisions before further problems arise.

Scale Your Business Faster with Better Equipment Management

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