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Tool and equipment management software for construction companies

Stay within tight deadlines and budgets with a tool and equipment solution that measures profitability at every turn.

Leading construction companies around the globe leverage RentalResult to manage their tools and equipment

Scalable tool and equipment management solutions to boost your profitability

Project Tracking and Job Costing

Get a complete picture of your equipment value for each project for every step of the fulfillment and mobilization process

Asset management

Track every type of cost against your project, including maintenance, damage or loss, consumables, fabrication, external rentals and purchasing

ROI and margin analysis

Track all costs and charge them back to individual projects, which can be customized with unique costs by project and match your job-costing methodology

Boost utilization

Total oversight to equipment locations and statuses improves utilization for your assets and limits costly re-rents

Accurate invoicing

As equipment moves through tasks or phases, quickly re-assign it to the new project or task code, ensuring accurate billing

Reduce cost overruns

Eliminate urgent runs to non-preferred vendors and rely solely on your equipment facility, who can provide equipment and tools at the best rate possible

The streamlined, paperless workflow for leading construction companies

wynne construction process flow 01

Job site requisitions equipment, tools and materials from a mobile device.

wynne construction process flow 02

Equipment facilities source and schedule equipment.

wynne construction process flow 03

Equipment is picked, staged and sent for delivery.

wynne construction process flow 04

Equipment is re-allocated or called off when no longer needed.

wynne construction process flow 05

Equipment is picked up and the job site invoiced for use, service and inspections.

Manage internal and rented equipment at all your yards and job sites

Track inventory of your fleet, both capital assets and small tools, as well as manage maintenance through a paperless workflow. Track costs and depreciation for your serialized or bulk items and bill out for their use.

wynne rentalresult availability calendar
wynne rentalresult job site portal
wynne rentalresult jsp inquiry

Manage equipment and requisitions from the job site

Browse a list of all the equipment you can source and select what is needed, request delivery times, allocate project codes, and detail any operator requests. The yard processes the order and tracks inventory.

Deliver actionable data and make the best informed decisions

Create custom reports and dashboards to put business-critical information in front of those who need it. Blend and visualize data from multiple sources to create interactive dashboards to drive decision-making.

wynne rentalresult dashboard

Customer Success Stories

Altrad Babcock

Altrad Babcock has been building, maintaining, and decommissioning some of the largest nuclear, oil, gas, and petrochemical energy projects in the world. See how RentalResult has been helping them get equipment where it needs to be for the last 20+ years.

BAM Site Solutions

Follow BAM Site Solutions users as they walk you through their digitized, paperless workflow to requisition, procure and deliver equipment and tools to their sites.