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Crane rental software built to maximize your revenue

Track and manage your fleet, labor, scheduling, logistics and service to boost your profitability.

Drive and maximize revenue with RentalResult for your crane rental company

Managing the complexities of crane rental is more than just asset tracking. You want to ensure you’re as profitable as possible and utilizing your fleet without over-purchasing. Our solution can help by providing the detailed analysis you need to make the most effective decisions, from quotes all the way down to dismantling.

Streamline the complex processes of crane rental in one solution

Streamline your processes

Manage all your assets through your process in real-time, such as equipment tracking, ancillary equipment and labor. The system manages your entire workflow from quote to the final disassembling of the cranes.

Customizable and flexible

Capitalize on your business’ strengths and customize your software to enhance those strengths. The flexible solution gives you the power to create multiple workflows to capture different information and drive different business processes based on customer, equipment and location types.

Capture more labor revenue

Accurately track labor as part of your rentals, such as operators, riggers, ironworkers and more. Whether it’s for rental billing or just for internal cost tracking, when you need to provide installation or ongoing labor as part of your total package, you’re covered.

Project or job costing

Capture project and job costing within the rental process allowing you to attribute revenues and cost to your jobs. Collect info on work orders, purchase orders, re-rents, sales and rentals to get a complete picture of your crane rental project. All this information feeds straight into the general ledger giving you an accurate P&L by project at any time.

Reduce inventory loss

Accurately track all ancillary equipment, preventing equipment being left behind and ensuring your incoming inventory matches what left your facility. Track each item as serialized or as bulk (with barcodes or RFID integration) to quickly manage your incoming loads.


Synchronize data across multiple solutions to provide real-time updates across your organization. The bi-directional feed allows you to sync information from CRMs, corporate ERPs or any other third party where APIs are available.

wynne rentalresult quantity available

Complete visibility of all your assets

The crane rental process is complex, with many moving components to track. RentalResult tracks every movement of your equipment, throughout the contract process as well as internal movements as well. This helps provide the insight necessary to maximize utilization across your entire fleet.

Simplified labor allocation

Rapidly assign operators, technicians, supervisors or any labor on a contract in just a few clicks. The system will verify any conflicts, certifications and time frames, so you can easily swap operators out when necessary.

Labor Allocation min
wynne rentalresult timesheets

Precise and concise invoicing

Deliver consolidated invoices for your customers. The system calculates an invoice amount based on time applied to a project from operators’ timesheets. You can adjust amounts and times before running your billing to ensure accurate invoicing.

Proactive safety monitoring

Remain proactive and address upcoming operator certification expirations before they happen. Use dashboards or exception reports to alert managers when expirations are nearing their date, so as to not shrink your talent pool of viable operators or put you at risk.

wynne rentalresult certifications

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