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Video Resources

Time Entry for Service Technicians 00:57

Technicians don’t want to waste their time with cumbersome software or paperwork. Just a few clicks in Service Solution, and then can record their time as well as parts! Watch now!

Create a Work Order in One Minute 01:05

Service Solution makes creating work orders faster than ever. Watch how we create a work order in just a few clicks!

Managing Transfers with MobileLink 01:10

Create and receive transfers in under 60 seconds with your mobile device! Watch this quick demo to learn how it’s done.

RentalMan Workflow: Create Quote 00:55

While RentalMan users can create quotes, in this quick demo, we’ll show you how your customers can easily go online and create their own quote request.

RentalMan Workflow: Picking, Staging and Check Out 01:21

Getting equipment ready to go out on rent is simple in the RentalMan workflow. Users can use a mobile device to select, stage and check out equipment. Watch this quick demo to see how!

Create an Order in 90 seconds 01:53

With MobileLink, your users can create rental transactions such as quotes, reservations or sales orders in under 90 seconds. Watch this quick demo to see how its done!

Crane Rental Software: RentalResult 01:28

Learn how RentalResult can drive profitability for your crane rental business in this short video! RentalResult manages your crane, accessory components, labor, transport and service so you can maximize utilization and revenue.

MobileLink: Equipment Check Out Quick Demo 01:21

A quick tour of the equipment check out feature in Wynne’s MobileLink app.

MobileLink: Image Capture Quick Demo 02:01

A quick tour of the image capture feature in Wynne’s MobileLink app.

MobileLink: Signature Capture Quick Demo 01:47

A quick tour of the signature capture feature in Wynne’s MobileLink app.

MobileLink: For Sales Teams 01:28

A quick review of the features available in MobileLink for your sales teams.

Wynne Systems Service Solution 01:37

Downed equipment does not generate revenue. Wynne Service Solution is an intelligent, centralized mobile service prioritization tool that helps your service team keep equipment ready for rent.

Altrad Babcock Customer Testimonial 04:39

Altrad Babcock, has been building, maintaining, and decommissioning some of the largest nuclear, oil, gas, and petrochemical energy projects in the world. Their continued success relies heavily on equipment being at the right place at the right time. See how RentalResult has been helping them get equipment where it needs to be for the last 20+ years.

Signature Request Feature Walkthrough 01:33

Announcing Service Solution 00:32

It’s finally here! Wynne’s Service Solution helps companies who want to provide their service departments an all-in-one tool to best manage their workload.

Introduction to Service Solution 01:37

Wynne’s Service Solution provides companies an all-in-one service management app. Incoming work orders are assigned priority levels to provide service managers the insight they need to determine what work should occur first.

Who is Wynne? 01:58

We were founded in 1991 in Long Beach, California with just a handful of programmers who had a passion to build the most comprehensive software to empower rental equipment companies.

Wynne ERP Overview: Utilization, Quality, ROI  04:51

Built by equipment people for equipment people, Wynne’s ecosystem of solutions can be customized to fit the needs of your business. With solutions for asset management, logistics, maintenance, e-commerce, mobility, and accounting, you can get more revenue from your equipment and labor.

Wynne Systems Effectively Managing Rental Equipment 01:48

Want to generate more revenue from your equipment and labor? Interested in help renting your equipment more often? Wynne Systems is the leading market provider of a fully integrated ERP platform that gets tangible results used by the best in the industry. That is why 7 out of the top 10 rental companies and 40% of the top 25 construction companies use solutions from Wynne Systems. 

Wynne Systems Logistics Solution 02:21

Wynne Logistics Solution keeps your rental transportation operations connected. The integrated platform provides your team with real-time visibility, centralizes information into one mobile-friendly location, and gives your managers the ability to back up future decisions with data. Give your employees a simplified, 360-degree view of your entire operation so they manage dispatch operations more effectively. Leading to more satisfied customers and more rental revenue.