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EquipFlows: Efficient & Cost-Cutting DME/HME Management Software

Take the chaos out of equipment management. Seamlessly integrate your supply chain, equipment management, and service delivery to boost satisfaction and reduce costs with EquipFlows.

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Doing More with Less
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Doing More with Less: The Financial Squeeze on Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers face rising costs annually, while Medicare reimbursements increase only slightly. Labor expenses have surged significantly, and costs for critical services have declined. With supply chain challenges and compliance demands, providers must do more with less, maintaining quality care under intense financial pressure.

The Solution: Reduce Costs with Efficiency Driven Technology

Wynne Systems transforms DME/HME management by integrating the supply chain, asset management, and service delivery into a unified system. This comprehensive approach reduces costs and streamlines complex workflows. By optimizing operations, healthcare providers cut expenses, enhance patient and staff satisfaction, and achieve better financial and operational outcomes.

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How EquipFlows Transforms DME/HME Management

  • Efficiency-driven cost savings using operational software.
  • Greater patient satisfaction with more time spent on delivering care.
  • Increased staff satisfaction with streamlined workflows and reduced administrative work.
  • ROI via labor reduction with automated workflows when it comes to ordering and managing medical equipment.

The Wynne Advantage: Over 30 Years of Excellence Driving Unmatched ROI for Leading Enterprises

For over 30 years, Wynne has solved complex equipment supply chain and management challenges for leading enterprises worldwide. Our unmatched business logic, developed over decades, creates customized solutions that drive unparalleled business results and ROI.

The Wynne Advantage

Who We Serve

EquipFlows offers healthcare providers advanced DME/HME management solutions that seamlessly integrate the supply chain, asset management, and service delivery to boost satisfaction and reduce costs.

Hospice Care Providers

Palliative Care Providers

Post-Acute Care Providers

Home Health Providers

Rehabilitation Facilities


Start streamlining your operations and reducing costs with EquipFlows.