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DME Software: Efficiency-Driven Automation

EquipFlows by Wynne revolutionizes DME management for post-acute care providers. Our cutting-edge approach simplifies operations, significantly reduces expenses, and eliminates administrative burdens.

Reduce Costs

Cut costs, not corners with end-to-end efficiency.

Unify Platforms

Unlimited integrations with outside vendors.

Increase Efficiency

Eliminate administrative work.

Simplify Ordering

Single-pane ordering experience for nurses.

Industry Leaders’ Choice for DME Software

At VITAS, it was essential that we collaborate with a trusted solution to help streamline our processes for ordering and delivering medical equipment and supplies.

Joel WherleyEVP & COO, at VITAS

Today, our nurses are noticeably happier because they can spend more time with their patients at the bedside, which in turn improves patient and family satisfaction.

Joel WherleyEVP & COO, at VITAS

The human benefits and administrative savings have far exceeded the cost of this technology.

Joel WherleyEVP & COO, at VITAS
DME Software Nurse Portal

Master Your Operations: Optimize Performance & Reduce Costs

  • Enhance utilization rates
  • Shorten turnaround times
  • Increase compliance rates
  • Boost inventory accuracy
  • Speed up order fulfillments
  • Track orders in real-time
  • No duplicate data entry
  • Improve on-time performance
  • Reduce dispatch times
  • Minimize repeat deliveries

Ease Administrative Burdens, Focus on Value-Driven Tasks

With streamlined workflows enabled by automation through DME software, staff members are freed from administrative burdens, allowing them to focus on more lucrative tasks including patient care.

DME Software Analytics Dashboard
DME Software Control Center

Overcome Staffing Challenges with Smart Automation Solutions

Do more with less by optimizing resource allocation, automating routine tasks, and facilitating efficient workflows with DME software. Through intelligent scheduling and equipment ordering, you will achieve both operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Simplify Connections: 1 Platform, Unlimited API Integrations, No Middle Man

Put a stop to the game of telephone between staff and outside vendors by streamlining communications with DME software. Our platform offers unified systems and unlimited API integrations, facilitating a direct connection between your internal systems and external vendor inventories. This integration creates a seamless, single-pane ordering experience, simplifying the entire equipment procurement process.

DME Software - E Sig EF
DME Software RTLS

Clear Vision, Better Decisions: Real-Time Tracking & Data

Leverage the power of EquipFlows, a DME software that provides real-time location status and ordering tracking. Gain instant access to vital information for informed, timely decision-making. Embrace data-driven clarity for improved outcomes, enhanced visibility across teams, and a competitive edge.

Simplify Your Maintenance, Operations, & Equipment Ordering

Reduce costs, maximize revenue, and lift administrative burdens with Wynne’s powerful DME software.

Simplified Equipment Ordering

Eliminate the burden of administrative work by consolidating equipment order under one unified platform with a single-pane ordering experience.

Unlimited API Integrations

EquipFlow’s adaptable infrastructure seamlessly integrates with your unique tech stack, streamlining and elevating your operations.

Connect Teams with In-App Messaging

Put a stop to the game of telephone and hunting for information. EquipFlows connects teams across organizations with a single app.

Automated Maintenance

Optimize intricate workflows through tailored configurations, enabling automation of nuanced and detailed processes.

Real-Time Location & Asset Tracking

Effortlessly track order status and equipment whereabouts with EquipFlow’s comprehensive insight into precise asset locations.

Built-In BI & Reporting

Quick insights lead to better business decisions. DME software automates your reporting with customizable and shareable dashboards.

30+ Years of Expertise & Support

EquipFlows provides comprehensive support and professional services, facilitating agile development in a single-tenant

Outside Vendor Management

Consolidate your outside vendor services on a singular system using DME software that’s capable of managing multiple complex workflows.

You've only scratched the surface. Ready to learn more?

EquipFlows, an industry leading DME software, offers a suite of 200+ features designed for efficiency-driven automation so organizations can do more with less and reduce operational costs.