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Get the most from your solutions

We can help you determine how to best design your solution to fit your ever-evolving business goals

Align your solutions with your objectives


When there’s a new business objective or initiative, you may need to create new reports or set up the system differently to meet those goals. Our team will work with you to help re-configure the software to ensure your success.

System health check

We can help determine how to best keep your solutions up-to-date and make recommendations based on viewing your operations and how your system is currently set up. A health check keeps your solutions current to your workflows.


If you require an enhancement, our team is available to help. We identify the need and build out your requirements and provide a statement of work and implement your changes.

wynne Connecting Teams

Your consulting team

Our business analysts work with you to understand and outline your business objectives. From there, they assess your current software set-up and make recommendations based on several factors:

  • Features you can begin leveraging immediately
  • Updating current processes and workflows within your systems
  • Identifying required reports and dashboards you may need
  • Your budget and timing

Your roadmap

Your customer success managers are there to ensure you’re leveraging the most out of your software investment. They understand your short and long-term goals, which can help define your product roadmap. That allows you to future-proof your software by staying proactive and planning for big things to come.

wynne maintenance it management
wynne software engineer

Software enhancement request

In cases where you need to request a feature, our team will develop your business requirements based on your specific needs. We scope out the time and effort and work directly with you to develop exactly what you need and when you need it.

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