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Monetize your Assets with Construction Equipment Management Software

Transform every tool and piece of machinery into a dynamic revenue stream, elevating assets from inventory to profit powerhouses, unlocking profitability through smart management.

EquipFlows quantifies the profitability of every asset, from the largest machinery to the smallest tool, ensuring your entire fleet drives revenue.

Know where your assets are with real-time tracking, facilitating efficient asset management and deployment across multiple projects and job sites to drive maximum revenue from your entire fleet.


Optimize your assets from requisition to return

Achieve optimal management of your tools and equipment from requisition to return, actively enhancing your project’s success. This approach minimizes idle time and maximizes asset deployment, converting potential losses into profits. Streamlined tracking and yard management simplify locating equipment, make asset depreciation and insurance processes more efficient, and empower you to maximize revenue with every tool and machine.

Integrate with your ERP

Understanding the critical role your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system plays in your business, EquipFlows is engineered to integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP solutions, including industry giants like Oracle and SAP. Our commitment is to ensure that your construction firm can fully digitize and streamline its processes without the need to overhaul the trusted systems you rely on.

Through our flexible Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), EquipFlows connects to your business-critical applications, allowing for a smooth transition into digitalization. This seamless integration not only maximizes efficiency but also unlocks the full potential of your digital resources, ensuring that you can continue to focus on what matters most—delivering outstanding construction projects.

Oracle ERP System
SAP ERP System
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JD Edwards ERP System

Smart Management, Smarter Profits

EquipFlows offers the comprehensive toolset your enterprise construction company needs to streamline operations, reduce costs, and boost profitability.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Gain instant visibility into the location, status, and availability of all your equipment and tools so you can plan, schedule, and maximize asset utilization.

Maintenance Scheduling

Extend the lifespan of your assets and minimize downtime by easily scheduling maintenance and repairs, avoiding costly emergencies for enhanced reliability.

Inventory Management

Manage stock levels with precision, including consumables, equipment, and bulk items, to prevent overstocking or stockouts, cutting shrinkage and costs.

Reporting & Analytics

Drive informed decisions with customizable analytics, understanding asset utilization and controlling costs for strategic planning.

Mobile Accessibility

Access and update asset information on-the-go with our mobile platform, ensuring seamless operations and communication across sites.

Security & Data Protection

Safeguard sensitive data with advanced security and protection features, preventing unauthorized access and breaches.

Explore EquipFlows

Everything you need to effectively manage your construction equipment and tool process

Job Site Portal

Request, track and manage your equipment and tools from the job site.

Supplier Connect

Digitally request and receive quotes from multiple preferred vendors to make the most cost-effective decisions.


Distill and visualize complex data with our reporting and dashboard tool.

Mobile Applications

Move the power to transact to where it’s needed, in the hands of the people doing the work in real-time.

Logistics Solutions

Transportation management suite for drivers, managers, and dispatchers. Coming soon!


Automate the sales tax calculation, collection and tax return process with sales tax integration.


Users can manage the entire equipment rental workflow from any web browser on any device.

Customer Success Stories

BAM Site Solutions

Watch how BAM Site Solutions digitized their entire workflow with RentalResult.

Altrad Babcock

Watch how Altrad Babcock has been managing their equipment with RentalResult for 20+ years. 

FAQs for EquipFlows Construction Equipment Management Software

What does the equipment process look like in EquipFlows?

This diagram illustrates how, leveraging our suite of solutions for construction companies, you can create a completely paperless process workflow.

paperless process flow diagram rentalresult

Can you integrate with other corporate ERPs?

Yes! Many of our customers require integration between their corporate ERP (such as Oracle, JD Edwards or SAP). We have an open system which allows for a bi-directional, real-time data sync.

We have multiple equipment facilities. Can we manage all of them on EquipFlows?

Yes. The beauty of the system is that it’s designed for companies who operate with multiple facilities. By implementing a single-solution, you’re best able to move equipment to facilities with a greater need when utilization is low. It keeps your purchasing and re-rent costs down, and reduces the need for equipment facility/warehouse managers to work in silos.

How does an implementation work?

Depending on the size and scope of your operations, an implementation can be complex. However, we mitigate the risk by performing an in-depth discovery process. Our team on site can observe your operations and understand how you’ll require the software to be configured for immediate success.

When it comes to implementing, you can approach it in one of two ways:

  1. Big bang. You go-live on your new software at every facility on the same day.
  2. Phased. You select one location (or a few) to go-live at the start and phase in new locations at regular intervals.

You can learn more about how our team manages your entire implementation process here.

Scale Your Business Faster with Better Equipment Management

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