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Construction Equipment Management Software

Job Site Portal

Transform your construction operations with an unmatched e-commerce solution that provides real-time control and insight over your equipment, enhancing visibility, efficiency, and cost management for a significant competitive edge.

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Instant Access to Equipment Management, Orders, and Re-Rents

Designed specifically for equipment managers, job site foremen, and procurement personnel, Job Site Portal provides unmatched control and insight over your equipment. Transform the way you manage your fleet and gain a significant competitive advantage in the industry.

Client Success Story

McGough Construction

"The Job Site Portal for me is probably the most important thing that we have going right now. What it does is it gives our people easy access to the things they need. It's our Amazon for our warehouse."

Brandon Van Zeeland
Vice President
Job Site Portal

The Power of Efficient Equipment Management

Maximize Visibility and Efficiency

Improve equipment ordering and re-renting processes, saving valuable time and reducing frustration while ensuring job sites are equipped with the right tools to minimize delays.

Achieve Real-Time Asset Tracking

Monitor owned and rented assets across multiple job sites and yards in real-time, ensuring optimal utilization and reducing idle equipment.

Enhance Financial Control

Accurately allocate costs to specific projects with real-time financial insights, avoiding unexpected expenses and maintaining strict budget control.

Integrated Paperless Workflow

Develop a paperless workflow that mirrors your physical equipment flow, managing transfers, tracking availability, and returning unused items within one unified platform.

Optimize Equipment Utilization

Return equipment that’s no longer needed promptly, cutting down on unnecessary costs and ensuring optimal utilization of your resources.

Status Updates

Know what is on order, on site, and scheduled for pick up.

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Create a Paperless End to End Solution

Automate the equipment process flow from end to end. Track your equipment from requisition all the way through to delivery and eventual return. Send picking instructions to the yard, track the equipment transportation progress and collect signatures at the job site all without resorting to paper.

Simplify Equipment Tracking

Combine the Job Site Portal and RFID tracking to make managing your equipment even easier. Watch the end to end process at Rosendin Electric to see the paperless process in action.

Job Site Portal View

Check out this flyer to see how the Job Site Portal can improve your operations.

Create a Mobile Job Site Portal Requisition

Use your smart phone to create an equipment requisition on the go.

Scale Your Business Faster with Better Equipment Management

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