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Process online rental transactions with RenterLink

Our e-commerce solution offers your customers a streamlined means of renting equipment from any device.

Stay connected with your customers

RenterLink is an e-commerce application that connects your renters to your equipment rental or specialty rental company. The product is designed to increase renter engagement, reduce frustration and improve your operational efficiencies. The product provides an out of the box e-commerce solution that you can use to easily connect your customers to your rental business. Your customers can rent equipment, manage their orders, track their shipments and make returns. All of the processes that used to require them picking up the phone can now be handled seamlessly with a few clicks on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

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With RenterLink, rental companies are able to:

Keep customers close

By making equipment rentals just a few taps away anytime and anywhere, RenterLink helps rental companies instill top of mind awareness in their customers.

Drive rental revenue

Through the convenience of e-commerce, RenterLink helps rental companies generate additional rental revenue that in-store and over the phone orders wouldn’t bring in.

Stand out from the crowd

By offering a streamlined and intuitive customer experience, rental companies can use RenterLink to distinguish themselves from their competition.

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