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Take your transportation operations to the next level with Logistics Solution

Manage your entire fleet with the all-encompassing Logistics Solution.

Data-driven decisions

Logistics Solution’s all-in-one design simplifies the complexities of strategic dispatching. With a 360° view of your entire operation, dispatchers are able to make the most profitable decisions at every turn.

Drive profitability

Logistics Solution gives your dispatchers and transportation managers the tools they need to mitigate costs.

  • Provide real-time visibility across your entire transportation department
  • Keep teams connected by centralizing operations in one intuitive system
  • Ability to back your strategies and business decisions with pivotal data and KPIs
  • Ensure compliancy across the company avoiding costly fines

Accelerate your operations

Maximize driver hours

With its visual timeline to schedule loads, dispatchers can make the most of each driver’s day and reduce white space.

Stay compliant

Logistics Solution stays current on regulations that can impact your business and helps companies avoid costly violations with intelligent warning messages.

Increase dispatcher capacity

Intuitive and streamlined, Logistics Solution enables dispatchers to manage more orders each day. It makes it easy to support a growing fleet without the need for more resources.

Superior customer service

With all-encompassing visibility over their orders in real-time, you can ensure on-time deliveries and keep your customer updated throughout the dispatching process.

Reduce empty miles

Identify optimization opportunities by assigning the closest driver for each order, reducing fuel consumption and empty miles.

Measure performance

With comprehensive reporting and analysis, you can track, measure and manage KPIs to make informed business decisions.

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