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What would a 3-day decrease in equipment pickup time do for your rental business?

A logistics solution for better rental transporation

Logistics Solution

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Impacts of Chaotic Rental Logistics on Revenue

On-time equipment delivery and pickup is key to squeezing every ounce of revenue out of your rental equipment. Missed deliveries ruin customer relationships. Slow pickups keep your equipment from being used by another customer. Driver availability, truck readiness, conflicts, and more create a chaos,
making it hard to be timely and efficient.

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Timely Equipment Transportation = More Revenue

From dispatchers to drivers, your team needs a solution that helps them navigate the chaos of equipment transportation. Logistics Solution pairs with your rental schedule which helps teams plan and execute timely, efficient deliveries and pickups. This has a direct effect on revenue by driving positive customer experiences and keeping equipment on a tight schedule.

Logistics Solution in Action

Warren CAT Success Story

See how Warren CAT cut costs and strategically expanded their operations with Wynne Logistics Solution.

Holt of CA Success Story

See how Holt of CA drastically reduced their external hauling from 23% to 3% using Wynne Logistics Solution.

Accelerate your rental transportation operations

Maximize driver hours

With its visual timeline to schedule loads, dispatchers can make the most of each driver’s day and reduce white space.

Stay compliant

Logistics Solution stays current on regulations that can impact your business and helps companies avoid costly violations with intelligent warning messages.

Increase dispatcher capacity

Intuitive and streamlined, Logistics Solution enables dispatchers to manage more orders each day. It makes it easy to support a growing fleet without the need for more resources.

Superior customer service

With all-encompassing visibility over their orders in real-time, you can ensure on-time deliveries and keep your customer updated throughout the dispatching process.

Reduce empty miles

Identify optimization opportunities by assigning the closest driver for each order, reducing fuel consumption and empty miles.

Measure performance

With comprehensive reporting and analysis, you can track, measure and manage KPIs to make informed business decisions.

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Scale Your Business Faster with Better Equipment Management

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