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21% to 3%: Holt of California’s Drastic Reduction in External Hauling using Wynne Systems TMS

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We interviewed John Young, the Central Dispatch Manager from Holt of California, to understand how our TMS has transformed their operations. John Young joined Holt of California in 1998 and evolved from a driver of 20 years to Dispatch Manager. His comprehensive experience across various operational areas equipped him with a unique perspective on the company’s logistical and operational challenges. Holt of California specializes in construction equipment rentals and has leveraged Wynne Systems’ Logistics Solution software (TM/TMS) to streamline operations for over two decades.

This case study highlights how their transition from the TM platform to the TMS web application addressed their operational challenges, resulting in significant improvements.

When I first came in, our outside haul rate was 21%. With TMS, we're down to 3%.

The Challenge: High External Hauling Costs & Inefficient Dispatch Operations

Before implementing Wynne Systems’ TMS, Holt of California’s dispatch operations suffered from inefficiencies, with external haulers covering up to 21% of their annual loads, which significantly impacted profit margins. These outsourced loads cost more, especially for shorter hauls, where internal rates were fixed, but external hauls charged hourly.

Additionally, dispatchers struggled with planning multi-piece loads, resulting in wasted time and increased operational costs. Managing shifts and workloads was challenging, leading to dispatcher burnout and inconsistent performance.

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The Solution: Wynne System's TMS

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Wynne Systems’ TMS provided a robust platform for managing Holt of California’s dispatch operations, with improved scheduling and load planning tools. The new software offered clear visibility into multi-piece loads, enabling dispatchers to consolidate trips and minimize unnecessary yard visits.

Wynne’s TMS also provided detailed insights into haulage, allowing John and his team to track and reduce external hauling. These efficiency improvements enabled Holt to handle up to 97% of their hauls internally, significantly reducing costs.

The Results


Percent reduction in outside carrier usage.


Loads per day managed by a single dispatcher.


Loads per year over the last 5 years.

Operational Efficiency

  • Wynne’s TMS improved dispatch efficiency, allowing Holt to handle around 150 loads per day with a single dispatcher.
  • Multi-piece load consolidation improved significantly, reducing the number of yard visits, each of which can take 30-40 minutes per visit.

For us, keeping the sub-haul numbers low is crucial. With TMS, we're saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Cost Savings

  • The reduction in external hauling from 21% to 3% saved significant costs, preventing their operations from operating at a loss when using outside carriers.
  • The improved dispatch efficiency and reduced reliance on external haulers translated to savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

With TMS, we're dispatching much more efficiently, which means we're saving money and delivering better service.

John YoungCentral dispatch manager

It's night and day, the difference, and the amount of information you have in literally one screen is huge. Now, with TMS, I can just pull it up and within 10 to 15 seconds, I can see how many loads a guy's done in the year, this week, or this month.

John YoungCentral dispatch manager

Enhanced Reporting & Performance Metrics

  • Wynne’s TMS provided detailed metrics for on-time delivery, pick-up-to-ready-to-rent times, and multi-piece load efficiency, allowing Holt to align with CAT’s requirements and improve fleet utilization using data-driven decisions.
  • The ability to generate on-demand reports and analyze performance metrics in TMS provided John with critical insights to further optimize dispatch operations.


By leveraging Wynne Systems’ Logistics Solution software, Holt of California successfully transformed their dispatch operations, eliminating inefficiencies and reducing costs. The software’s robust features and improved reporting capabilities empowered the team to handle more loads internally and achieve operational excellence, aligning with CAT’s standards and improving profitability.

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