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Empower your field personnel with MobileLink

Our mobile application seamlessly connects your field, yard, and counter staff to RentalMan to streamline your operational processes.

Bring the power of RentalMan where the work happens

MobileLink seamlessly connects your field, yard, and office staff to RentalMan to streamline your operational processes. Equip your sales and operational team with the processes and information they need to accelerate operations outside the office. By untethering your field team, MobileLink allows your business to take advantage of RentalMan in a whole new way.

With MobileLink, rental companies are able to:

Streamline their ops

By eliminating paper forms, MobileLink enables your operations personnel to spend less time walking back to the counter and more time on productive tasks.

Collect damage fees faster

Fewer damage disputes thanks to equipment condition photos results in customer damage fees being paid faster (and with less acrimony).

Attain real time visibility

Real-time data of your fleet’s status gives your branch managers and sales teams insight on performance and availability.

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Scale Your Business Faster with Better Equipment Management

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