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Winner 2017 RER Innovative Product Award for Technology Enhancements: MobileLink

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Wynne is proud to announce winning the 2017 RER Innovative Product Award for MobileLink.

MobileLink puts the power of RentalMan into the hands of the operations and sales teams in the field and facilitates a rental company’s transition to a paperless environment. With the responsive-designed application accessible on a tablet or mobile device, phone calls to the office and notepads are no longer needed to capture RentalMan updates. Simply update the system, in real-time, anywhere you are at any time.

MobileLink performs many functions that users expect on a mobile platform – capturing and uploading equipment images, documenting equipment condition, capturing digital eSignatures, and reviewing customer information and contracts. Where MobileLink is unique is that it digitizes the entire check-out/check-in process.

When using MobileLink to check-out equipment, the reservation is instantly converted to a rental contract. The selection of the asset is made right from the mobile device and can occur before the delivery/will-call or just before it is loaded on the truck. As a parallel, this is similar to National Car Rental‘s “Choose any car in the aisle” program.

When using MobileLink to check-in equipment, the engine hour meter, and fuel information are captured and the rental contract transitions to a “held return” status. The “held return” status permits the asset to be rented again while billing details are finalized. Without this feature, if questions arise related to billing details, the equipment could be held up until the contract is officially closed reducing asset utilization by hours or days, and increasing rental turnaround time, a metric that is closely monitored by rental companies.

MobileLink’s architecture is extremely flexible and built using HTML5 so the application can be accessed on any connected device. The application scales across mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers, regardless of operating system, and is extremely popular with BYOD (bring your own device) companies.

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