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Why Wynne? The Importance of Transportation Fleet Utilization

fleet utilization

Whether you have a fleet of equipment transports, cargo transports, or service vehicles they all have one thing in common. When a vehicle and/or trailer is not in use, it’s dead weight and costs you money.

By understanding the utilization of your transportation fleet, you can better understand the value that you’re getting from each asset. This is becoming increasingly important with the rise of prices and a shortage of workforce labor. Knowing when to cut out assets or invest in more is a key factor for success in today’s environment.  

The Importance of Fleet Utilization

Fleet utilization is the measure of how much of a fleet’s capacity is being used. It is the ratio of the number of miles driven to the total number of miles available for driving. This is an important metric because it can help companies save money by showing how much value an asset is bringing to the company’s operations.

Wynne software includes an innovative transportation management solution for your fleet. Our software analyzes every aspect of your fleet and provides data on topics like fleet utilization to accurately guide future decisions that optimize the fleet to reduce costs and increase profits. It has features such as driver scorecards, driver behavior, idle time, vehicle maintenance, and much more.

What Are the Key Advantages of Wynne for Fleet Management?

Wynne Software has been developing solutions in transportation operations for over 20 years. They have been providing companies with logistic solutions to help them track their fleets and optimize their routes.

The key features of Wynne’s transportation management software include:

Route optimization: This feature allows users to plan, optimize, and monitor all their routes in one place.

Data collection: With this feature, users can collect data on drivers, vehicles, fuel consumption, distances driven, etc., which will help them analyze and decide how to improve their fleet utilization.

Fleet management: This feature allows users to manage their entire fleet and track every driver, vehicle, fuel consumption, and distance.

Vehicle matching: This enables better matching of the vehicle with the route by considering factors such as traffic density, one-way streets, the presence of construction zones, etc.

Advanced reporting: This feature provides real-time reporting on fleet utilization data for individual fleets.

Vehicle fleet: This feature enables better management of vehicle fleets by providing customized reports to different departments.

Multi-vehicle fleet management: This feature creates a vehicle fleet for each user with the availability of vehicles configured by location and time.

Unlimited scans: It enables unlimited scans on any route for all users.

GPS tracking: Know where every vehicle in your fleet is at all times.

Wynne’s mission is to help foster more efficient fleet utilization for companies around the world. With our suite of logistics-focused software products, construction companies, rental companies, and third-party haulers can improve the efficiency of their operations.

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