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Medical Equipment Rental Software

Efficiency-Driven Automation: Simplify Your HME/DME Ordering & Management

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Reduce Operational Costs

Increase Efficiency


Enhance Productivity


Simplify Workflows


Dedicate More Time to Patients

Lift Administrative Burdens with Automated Workflows

RentalResult makes equipment ordering as fast and easy as your favorite shopping app. It eliminates manual paperwork, and offers guided assessments that filters products to a custom package of items based on the unique needs of patients.

Hospice Nurse Using Medical Equipment Rental Software
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Leave The Spreadsheets in The Past

Gain Quick Insights with Built-In Reporting

Distill and visualize complex data with our reporting and dashboard tool to unlock new performance insights that will help steer you towards enhanced operations.

Bridge The Communication Gap

Enhance Visibility with Real-Time Tracking & Alerts

Keep staff updated with important information in real-time, as it happens, with customized alerts, notifications, and mobile tracking. Teams across the organization can communicate within the same application on any device or browser.

Home Health Nurse Using Medical Equipment Rental Software
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Customized to Fit Your Needs

Seamless Fit with Advanced Integration Capabilities

RentalResult integrates with any key Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software with easy to tailor interfaces into any program. Our flexible SOA architecture allows you to connect to your business-critical applications.

Simplified Equipment Ordering & Rental Management Starts Here.

Reduce Costs. Maximize Revenue. Lift Administrative Burdens.

Simplified Equipment Ordering

Eliminate the burden of administrative work by consolidating equipment order under one unified platform with a single-pane ordering experience.

Unlimited API Integrations

RentalResult’s adaptable infrastructure seamlessly integrates with your unique tech stack, streamlining and elevating your operations.

Connect Teams with In-App Messaging

Put a stop to the game of telephone and hunting for information. RentalResult connects teams across organizations with a single app.

Automated Maintenance

Optimize intricate workflows through tailored configurations, enabling automation of nuanced and detailed processes.

Real-Time Location & Asset Tracking

Effortlessly track order status and equipment whereabouts with RentalResult’s comprehensive insight into precise asset locations.

Built-In BI & Reporting

Quick insights lead to better business decisions. Automate your reporting with customizable and shareable dashboards.

30+ Years of Expertise & Support

RentalResult provides comprehensive support and professional services, facilitating agile development in a single-tenant

Outside Vendor Management

Consolidate your outside vendor services on a singular system capable of managing multiple complex workflows.

Industry Leaders’ Choice for Efficient Medical Equipment Rental Software

"Today, our nurses are noticeably happier because they can spend more time with their patients at the bedside, which in turn improves patient and family satisfaction."

Joel WherleyExecutive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

"The human benefits and administrative savings have far exceeded the cost of this technology."

Joel WherleyExecutive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

"At VITAS, it was essential that we collaborate with a trusted solution to help streamline our processes for ordering and delivering medical equipment and supplies."

Joel WherleyExecutive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

Cut Costs, Not Corners: See How with RentalResult!