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Make it easier to engage with your business with Customer Portal

Our self-service portal equips your customers with all the information they need to manage their accounts autonomously.

Eliminate the obstacles between you and your customers

Eliminate the need for fielding requests and inquiries about account information that your customers can easily access themselves. This web-based application delivers the information they want, 24 hours a day without phone calls or emails. A responsive design means your customers can access this information from any computer, laptop or mobile device. Customers can access their account-specific information, off-rent equipment, view and pay invoices, run reports and more.

With Customer Portal, rental companies are able to:

Deliver unmatched convenience

Customer Portal eliminates the need to pick up a phone to inquire about account information, saving both your customers’ and personnel’s time.

Provide personalized user-experiences

Customer Portal’s look and feel and interface can be extensively customized, allowing rental companies to deliver an experience based on their customers’ needs.

Facilitate faster payment

Compared to more traditional methods of payment, paying via credit card through Customer Portal is far more convenient, resulting in faster payments.

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