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Bring strategy to your service department with Service Solution

Our service management solution enables managers to delegate work more effectively and technicians to maximize the time they spend wrenching.

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Focus on the right equipment at the right time

Service Solution’s work order prioritization, drag and drop scheduling and technician view enable you to increase utilization and wrench time. The Wynne Service Solution will keep your service center seamlessly connected to the rest of your operations while also increasing staff productivity and maximizing revenue by prioritizing the service of the right equipment at the right time.

WSS WO Dashboard

With Service Solution, rental companies are able to:

Maximize wrench time

By eliminating the need to fill out paper forms or walk back and forth to a workstation, Service Solution eliminates distractions so that mechanics can spend more time wrenching.

Automate prioritization

By considering upcoming reservations and available fleet percentage, Service Solution automatically assigns different priority levels to service tasks (so managers can focus on other work).

Enhance utilization

More wrench time and smarter prioritization results in faster turnaround time and greater fleet availability, both of which serve to improve equipment utilization.

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Scale Your Business Faster with Better Equipment Management

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