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The 6 Major ROI Benefits of Adopting a TMS

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With TMS, Wynne Systems’ comprehensive logistics management solution, most users experience 100% ROI in less than 12 months. In this blog, we breakdown the cost savings and efficiency gains that make such rapid return on investment possible.

Reduced Fuel Consumption (Up to 30%)

Fuel prices are notoriously volatile, constantly spiking and plummeting due to supply fluctuations and trade uncertainties. But until complete electrification of trucks is achieved, diesel fuel will continue to be transportation’s largest operating expense.

Thankfully, until that day comes, transportation departments can meaningfully reduce their fuel consumption with the help of TMS. Optimized route planning via Google Maps and automatic speed and idling alerts curb waste, resulting in decreased gas usage.

Reduced Driver Overtime (Up to 50%)

The ongoing driver shortage has left countless transportation departments understaffed. As a result, to fulfill the needs of their customers, many logistics teams depend on their drivers being on the road for well over 40 hours a week to keep pace with their workload.

But by eliminating inefficiencies both on the road and at the dispatching office, numerous rental companies have leveraged TMS to fulfill their pickups and deliveries without spreading their drivers thin. In doing so, they have been able to save significantly on overtime wages.

Faster Call-off to Pickup (Up to 75%)

In the rental business, picking up an asset called off-rent in a timely manner is just as important as delivering it on-time. But too often, companies hobble the profitability of their fleet by allowing off-rent equipment to go unrecovered for far too long.

With TMS, rental companies have seen dramatic accelerations to their average pickup time. By recovering assets faster, companies are able to, in turn, restore their assets back to rental-ready status quicker than ever before.

Increased Truck Utilization (Up to 30%)

Between upkeep, fuel, insurance, and other expenses, maintaining a fleet of trucks comes at significant cost. Because of that, it’s crucial that transportation departments make full use of every one of their vehicles in order to recoup their initial and ongoing investments.

By providing dispatchers with 360-degree visibility, TMS enables dispatchers to make more effective scheduling decisions that promote maximized use of all of your trucks.

Increased Productivity (Up to 12%)

As rental businesses grow, their transportation needs increase in turn. But because drivers are in such short supply and adding trucks comes at such a cost, many logistics teams struggle to scale up their operations.

Through TMS, many rental companies have found an alternative. By increasing their productivity at the office and on the road, TMS users have been able to increase the number of loads they fulfill with the same number of drivers and trucks.

Reduced Administrative Errors (Up to 30%)

With so many variables to consider, dispatching is far too complex of a process to manage with whiteboards and spreadsheets. Such overly simple tools fail to provide dispatchers with the visibility they need to make the kinds of decisions that enable transportation departments to reach their goals.

TMS empowers dispatchers with a comprehensive logistics platform, enabling them to manage nearly all aspects of transportation operations. By providing an intuitive solution to handle all of their responsibilities, TMS has been proven to eliminate all-too-common problems endemic that prevent transportation teams from achieving optimal efficiency.

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