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Connecting your organization

Our open systems allows you to integrate best-in-breed solutions across your organization.

Integrating with other systems

For decades systems integration has been one of the most complex, specialized, and frustrating tasks in all of IT. Wynne’s open system makes integration easy by making connections, data movement and data transformation easy. By enabling different systems or applications to collaborate with our system and seamlessly share information, all of your business processes become more fluid.

wynne integrations

Build an enterprise of connectivity

Flexible architecture

When you need SOAP or RESTful web services or flat files, we have a flexible open architecture that can be configured to meet your needs. We integrate with multiple middle wares and fit that directly into your company’s business logic.

Highly secure

Our APIs utilize industry standard protocol to authenticate data workflows, making sure the data goes where it’s supposed to go. We have two different authentication flows based on your security platform and requirements.

Full visibility

You get full visibility of the interfaces and receive clear messaging on any failures or data errors both to and from the system. This greatly mitigates risk of any data corruption for either system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have 1:1 integrations with another software?

In the past, the only way to integrate two disparate solutions was building a single, point-to-point integration. However, this method made integrations extremely fragile. Any modification to either system could break the integration as a whole. Instead, we’ve chosen to open our platforms by utilizing web services. By doing so, you can connect to more web service-enabled platforms, making integrations more robust and scalable.

What other software could I integrate my Wynne solutions with?

As long as the remote software is capable of managing web services, you can integrate our solutions with it. Here is just a sample of what integrations can be done:

  • Corporate ERPs (Oracle, SAP, et al)
  • CRMs (Salesforce, SugarCRM)
  • Telematics provider
  • eCommerce platform

What is a "web service"?

Web services allows different applications to talk to each other without human intervention. There are two types of web services: REST (REpresentational State Transfer) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).

Learn more about web services, REST and SOAP in this guide.

How is an integration set up?

To understand how we would build and structure the integration, it’s critical to know the business processes that the integration would support. During this discovery process, we begin to understand what fields need to be synced, when and how often, and what happens if there are any conflicts. From this, we are able to develop a framework from which we can begin to implement the web services needed to connect your two systems.

We highly recommend speaking with your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to explore what’s available.

How many web services does Wynne have?

Wynne has over 200 web services in each of its major ERP platform.

Do you build web services on request for new requirements?

Yes, Wynne can work with you to accommodate almost any integration. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

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