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Untether RentalResult with Mobile Applications

Our suite of specialized solutions empower yard and warehouse teams with anytime, anywhere access to RentalResult.

Accelerate your field operations

Wynne has a full suite of mobile apps to address common rental transaction points. This seamlessly connects your field, yard and office staff to RentalResult to enhance your operational processes. Mobility empowers your sales and operational teams and extends the power of RentalResult directly to your team working in the field and in the yard. Untether your field team to maximize their potential.

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Construction Equipment Management Software Mobile Apps

Any company that doesn’t invest in the Mobile Apps to complement the core system should seriously reconsider their decision.

Kurt OlsonDirector of Logistics at Big-D Construction

With Mobile Apps, construction companies are able to:

Anytime, anywhere field access

Allow your field personnel to access key functions in RentalResult from any iOS or Android device, anytime anywhere. On the go access to real-time inventory views, check-in and check-out capabilities, create quotes, access to customer details, condition reporting, equipment photographs and digital signature capture.

Enhance your operational effectiveness

Untethering your field team from their computers will improve your operational speed and accuracy. Field personnel can avoid having to call someone back at the office or transfer information from a paper log. They can avoid double work of recording information in the field which wastes time, money and directly limits productivity.

Control your teams more effectively

All our Mobile Apps are designed to work seamlessly with the core, allowing you to assign and prioritize tasks to personnel in the field such as service technicians, sales reps and yard staff as well as track their progress in real-time.

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Quick Ordering

Quick ordering for field or yard personnel to rent equipment with just 3 clicks incorporating barcode or RFID scanning.

Quick Returns

Return serialized assets quickly using barcode or RFID scanning. Auto-return to the correct contact even when unloading multiple pickups from a truck.

Logistics Picking

Assign tasks to pickers, track real-time equipment location, incorporate RFID and barcode readers to quickly process requests.

Confirm Load

Assign drivers and trucks for deliveries and pickups. Capture time and date stamp for departure time confirmation and collect driver signatures.

Scale Your Business Faster with Better Equipment Management

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