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Hospice Software for HME | DME Management

Take the chaos out of equipment management using our hospice software. Seamlessly integrate your supply chain, equipment management, and service delivery to boost satisfaction and reduce costs with EquipFlows.

Reduce Costs

Utilize efficiency-driven hospice software to minimize manual labor by streamlining administrative tasks.

Streamline Operations

Streamline operations to enhance efficiency and productivity with optimized processes.

Enhance Experiences

Free up more time for nurses to spend at the patient’s bedside by reducing administrative burdens.

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Trusted by The Largest Hospice Provider in The U.S.

Why Hospice Organizations Choose EquipFlows

For over 30 years, Wynne has solved complex equipment supply chain and management challenges for leading enterprises worldwide. Our unmatched business logic, developed over decades, creates customized solutions that drive unparalleled business results and ROI.

Trusted by the largest hospice provider in the nation.

A unified system to track and manage all workflows.

A configurable system that scales with your business.

Dedicated, hands-on support teams to help you grow.

Hospice Software Reporting Tablet

How Our Software Transforms Equipment Management

  • Efficiency-driven cost savings using operational software.
  • Greater patient satisfaction with more time spent on delivering care.
  • Increased staff satisfaction with streamlined workflows and reduced administrative work.
  • ROI via labor reduction with automated workflows when it comes to ordering and managing medical equipment.
  • Streamlined equipment ordering for nurses. Patient Q&A generates smart product recommendations for a seamless process.

Hospice Software Solutions for Optimized Medical Equipment Management

Nurse Portal

Customizable online information portal for equipment ordering.
Create a better equipment ordering experience with a self-service customer portal.

How it helps:

– days sales outstanding (DSO)
– days to pay
– time spent communicating on general patient orders
– equipment pickup time
+ patient relationships

Hospice Software Nurse Portal

Patient Q&A

Configurable form used by nurses for patient intake.

Create customizable patient Q&A forms for nurses to streamline equipment ordering, capturing essential patient details accurately and integrating with existing systems for enhanced efficiency and reduced errors.

How it helps:
– reduces administrative burdens
+ faster equipment ordering
+ greater accuracy

Hospice Software Patient Intake

Smart Ordering

Obtain smart product recommendations after submitting the patient Q&A form.

Create customizable patient Q&A forms for nurses to streamline equipment ordering, capturing essential patient details accurately and integrating with existing systems for enhanced efficiency and reduced errors.

How it helps:
– reduced order errors
+ tailored equipment suggestions
+ enhanced patient care
+ increased nurse productivity
+ Optimized resource use

Hospice Software Smart Ordering


Mobile application for ops and service personnel in the field, and at the warehouse.
Paper and desktops slow down your field and warehouse teams. They need mobile technology tools to help them be more effective. With GO, users manage the entire equipment rental workflow from any web browser on any device.

How it helps:
– return to ready time
+ equipment availability
+ equipment utilization
+ digital information flow
+ operations connectivity

Hospice Software Used by Nurse

Logistics Solution

Transportation management suite for dispatchers, drivers, and managers.
Logistics is more than truck tracking. You need a solution that keeps up with your equipment rental schedule too. Logistics Solution provides a centralized scheduling and dispatch management hub that reduces costs through efficiency gains.

How it helps:
– pickup time
– transportation costs
+ on-time delivery
+ driver/dispatcher connectivity
+ managerial visibility

wynne logistics load


Reporting package for operations personnel and management.
Unlock the power of your data. Without a holistic view into your company’s data, you’re flying blind. Reporter enhances your visibility, helping you make the right decisions, faster.

How it helps:

+ data visibility
+ data blending
+ reporting customization
+ real-time information flow
+ more informed decision making

Hospice Software Reporting Tablet

Order Tracking & Management

Track and manage orders in real time to see their status in the distribution process, using in-app messaging, alerts, and notifications.

View detailed status updates at each stage of the distribution process. Utilize in-app messaging for direct communication, receive alerts for any changes or issues, and get notifications to ensure timely actions and seamless coordination, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy in order management.

How it helps:
+ real-time updates
+ timely alerts
+ enhanced communication
+ seamless coordination

Order Management for DME
Order Summary Tab for Order Tracking

Service Solution

Service scheduling and prioritization tool for technicians and managers.
Service efficiency is about more than just working fast. It’s about working on the right piece of equipment at the right time to meet dynamic rental demands.

How it helps:
– turnaround time
– missed warranty opportunities
+ equipment availability
+ time utilization
+ technician productivity

Wynne Systems Service Solution Visual

Improve Key Metrics

Return to Ready Time

Maintenance and service solutions come together to accelerate your teams ability to get equipment ready for rent again. 

Asset Profitability

Robust data tracking options help you see the profitability and value of equipment across your entire inventory over time.

On-Time Delivery

Transportation management options ensure that your logistics team has the tools they need to ensure on-time delivery.

Call Off to Return

e-Commerce and transportation solutions come together to ensure teams have the information needed to ensure fast pick up times. 

Field Response

Mobile-friendly service and logistics options ensure your team can streamline the field service experience for customers and technicians. 

Additional Features

Inventory Management

Real-time tracking from PO to delivery. Boost fulfillment, unlock idle stock – reorder less, sell more.

Reporting and Analytics

Transform data into a competitive advantage with actionable insights from key metrics.

Patient Records

Instantly access all information in one place like order history, financial info, and more.

API Integrations

Unify workflows across your ecosystem with seamless data integration including outside vendor procurement from contracted 3rd party vendors.

Document Management

Attach and view images, videos, PDFs, and other materials for orders, locations, equipment, and assets online.

Configurable and Cloud-Based

A configurable single-tenant cloud solution with flexible integration to other corporate systems.

Single-Pane Management System

A comprehensive interface that provides centralized control and visibility across all systems and operations.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Real-time location tracking provides instant visibility and monitoring of assets and personnel.


How does EquipFlows bring nursing teams closer with a unified experience?

Our hospice software is your nurse’s gateway to requisition equipment, accessories, kits, and consumables quickly from their mobile device or desktop. Catalog-driven requisitions provide staff with equipment information, including safe usage instructions and specifications. Field teams can track requisition progress and add information online. Every requisition is electronically processed immediately, including transitions to outside vendor orders if necessary. Once equipment is received, staff can request pickups, additional items, or swaps and log customer service calls from their mobile device or desktop.

How does EquipFlows streamline the procurement process of ancillary services?

Manage outside vendor service orders, requisitions, additional consumables, and inventory procurement effortlessly with our hospice software solution. Our procurement processes integrate directly into the asset register, automating much of the fixed asset management according to your specific rules and workflows. Our built-in purchase approval process ensures only authorized orders reach your vendors. Using our Supplier Connect module, you automate outside vendor services and Medical Supply orders, electronically redistributing them to third-party systems for fulfillment, useful for facilities, patients, or items serviced by third-party vendors.

How does EquipFlows reporting work?

Our hospice software creates custom reports and dashboards for your operations, along with standard exception management reports. Export in HTML, PDF, or Excel, and schedule automatic delivery to key stakeholders. Use Live Excel for on-demand data refreshes. Embed reports into business processes to track crucial metrics like equipment availability, life cycles, employee productivity, patient activity, and costs in real time. Manage KPIs by patient, program, or equipment type. Deliver reports through the Customer Portal for field staff and provide access to external users like insurance providers and healthcare institutions.

How does EquipFlows enhance the patient experience?

Consolidate all equipment and medical supply orders in one easy-to-manage portal with our hospice software. Intuitive screens guide users through workflows, ensuring quick requisition-to-order conversion without extra data entry. The Customer Service Call feature lets CSRs, healthcare professionals, and patients create queries, information requests, or log issues directly from the Portal. This tracks activities beyond basic requisitions for better management. Define priorities, status, and call types for tracking and reporting. Assign calls to CSRs, team members, or technical resources to gather information, create work orders, request deliveries, or trigger ERP events.

Will EquipFlows require us to change our current business process?

EquipFlows hospice software integrates with your existing processes, customizable to fit your needs without disruption. Run multiple workflows to capture different data based on customer, equipment, and location types. Automate tasks with integration to other applications, like your field service app. For instance, delivery exceptions noted in your field service app can automatically update orders in EquipFlows based on reason codes, reducing the need for CSR intervention.

How does your hospice software manage documents?

EquipFlows hospice software includes a document management feature, enabling you to attach images, videos, PDFs, and other materials to orders, locations, equipment types, and individual assets. Staff can view these documents online through the portal, facilitating the review of patient service documentation and item specifications.

Can EquipFlows help nurses identify patient equipment and supply needs?

Our hospice software product configurator minimizes unnecessary reorders. Create logical question flows for customers and employees to identify the best product and suggest alternatives or accessories at the point of sale. The configurator ensures the right product by leveraging equipment specifications and custom questions.

Do you offer customer support?

Our 24/7 support desk ensures immediate response when needed. With 21% of our workforce dedicated to service, Wynne’s Service Desk guarantees clients always reach a human for issue resolution or questions. Access our Customer Support portal to review tickets, submit new ones, or view our knowledge base.

Additionally, EquipFlows hospice software assigns a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to ensure your success. The CSM understands your business and objectives, aligning our software with your needs and keeping you updated on new features and products.

Scale Your Business Faster with Better Equipment Management

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