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Wynne Goes on the Road – 2024 On-Site Visits Update

By Other2 min read

It’s been a busy four months here at Wynne Systems since the start of 2024. One of the clear highlights for the year so far are the on-site customer visits. With thousands of miles of travel in the books, the team has visited 6 different organizations so far. Each of them have provided a wealth of insight into the current state of some of the best companies in the rental industry. 

During each on-site visit, we’ve had the great opportunity to see firsthand, the dynamic environments in which our customers operate. No company operates the same. That is abundantly clear. That is also why we find these opportunities so beneficial for both our team and the customer.

Whether it be in the service shop, dispatch room, yard, or front desk, each area has shown to be unique in it’s own separate ways. Along with observation, it’s also been a great opportunity for our team to share their expertise on ways these rental teams can best utilize the solutions they’ve invested in. Out of every trip our team goes on, there are always some quick wins that come out of it. 

Each visit produces great insights into the specific ways each customer operates. We also get to see how our solutions used in real-life. These experiences are eye-opening, and help us properly tailor solutions that make a difference in the people and organizations that use them.

We’re incredibly grateful for those who have taken the time out of their busy schedules to have us at their branches. Your openness and hospitality have made each trip extremely valuable for the team. The Wynne team is continuing it’s on-site travel throughout the year. More to come in 2024!

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