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Using Your Smartphone to Limit Your Rental Liability

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Smartphone pictures are the new norm. Smartphones are everywhere these days and super easy to use. I guess that is why it is no surprise that the number of photos taken digitally has doubled in the last 5 years and 85% of those were taken on a Smartphone.

Interesting it itself, but even more interesting in terms of limiting liability associated with renting equipment. It is easier than ever for your shop personnel to take pictures of equipment when it leaves the shop and again when it returns. The photos can be compared to pin point when the damage occurred to your equipment. Sounds super easy, but have you ever went back to look for a photo from your last vacation and had to wade through a sea of other pictures? Not to mention looking for a single backhoe picture in a sea of thirty different backhoe pictures that all look alike.

The key to using Smartphone pictures to pinpoint liability comes from being able to easily match up before and after photos. To do that you need a comprehensive back end equipment management system to store all relevant information. Associating the photos with the equipment allows you to easily see who had the equipment out on rent when it was damaged as well as how well the equipment is holding up over time.

Wynne has a full suite of mobile applications and a full backend tracking solution that can ease the headache of managing conditional photos of your equipment. Let us help manage your photos and keep you from sorting through the proverbial needle in a haystack. Call us to see more.

Infographic: Smartphones Cause Photography Boom | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

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