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Reduce Equipment Idle Time with Smart Logistics

Two Yellow Construction Machines

Managing construction equipment logistics involves complexities and inefficiencies, especially for large fleets. Logistics Solution, set to launch in June of 2024, simplifies fleet management by offering real-time visibility and smart dispatching, reducing downtime and improving utilization. This solution ensures timely deliveries, minimizes idle equipment costs, and boosts turnover rates. Explore the full potential of Logistics Solution with in-depth walkthroughs of its key dashboards.

Scheduler Dashboard

The Scheduler Dashboard from Logistics Solutions simplifies dispatching with features like real-time ETAs, optimized routes, and intelligent truck assignments. With a user-friendly interface, dispatchers can simply drag and drop loads to the appropriate driver, automatically calculate durations, and adjust them as necessary. The Scheduler Dashboard also allows for predispatching, allowing for loads to be assigned in advance and dispatched in groups.

Orders Dashboard

The Orders Dashboard delivers a personalized and efficient experience in managing construction logistics. Users create a tailored view that aligns with their specific roles and operational needs. This customization capability ensures that users have quick and easy access to the most relevant information for their tasks.

Interested in learning more about Logistics Solution and how it can transform your logistics management? Schedule a demo with us today and explore its full capabilities.

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