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Prioritizing Maintenance: What’s Next?

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Maintenance for rental equipment companies is a huge component to success. Whether it’s prepping equipment before it goes out on rent, or handling scheduled maintenance, having a fleet that’s ready to go when a new reservations pops up is critical. But if the shop doesn’t see the whole picture, they will be working out of sync with the rest of your operations.

In an ideal world, maintenance would be a “first in, first out” kind of operation. But in reality, maintenance has so many variants that make it difficult to decide what work takes precedence over another. You have units that are due to go out on rent, units that have come off-rent, and regularly scheduled maintenance. When there’s conflicts, it’s up to shop personnel to decide where to focus, and that typically falls into working on what’s due to rent next. But here are two things you really should take into consideration, along with typical maintenance schedule.

Time or Dollar Utilization

Does utilization come into your shop’s decisions on what should be attended to first? The irony here is that the longer each unit sits in the bay waiting to be inspected or maintained, the lower the time utilization. Preventing this early on puts the equipment back onto rent, and increases your profitability.

Know When Warranties are Expiring

Warranties need to be tracked and users should know when they’re due to expire. By notifying users that a warranty is soon to expire, it gives them the opportunity to open an inspection and get the work order performed under warranty. Don’t let these slip under the radar simply because the asset isn’t scheduled to go out on rent.

We love to hear how you prioritize maintenance or what struggles you face. Comment below!

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