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Is Your Data Safe?

firefighter fighting fire

Threats of fires and floods seem to continually in the news these days, from the Fort McMurray fire in Alberta to the flooding in Texas and France. Natural disasters are a real threat to people as well as their businesses. In a prior post, we shared statistics that showed that companies that lost their data center for an extended period of time were more likely to file for bankruptcy after the disaster.

Every business relies on the availability of data and applications and downtimes can cause loss of revenue and customers. There are many options to consider when you are developing your disaster recovery plan.

One key is to put your critical applications, like your ERP, in a safe location and have a backup of your data at a secondary location. Housing your data in a high-performance infrastructure in a state of the art data center is fundamental to protecting your data. The data center provides the best in breed technology, personnel, and proactive monitoring to keep your data running every day. Add to that a cloud-based backup of all your data and you have a solid foundation.

Wynne has a number of options available for rental companies that include remote backup of servers and high availability options that will help keep your business up and running.

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