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What If You Could Add 2 Hours to Your Yard Workers’ Days without Paying Overtime?

what if save 2 hours a day

On a recent visit to one of our customer’s branches, we shadowed a rental yard worker. He crossed the yard dozens of times over the course of a day to bring equipment check-out and check-in sheets to the office. During this time he was using a fitness app to track his steps, which reported that he had walked roughly 8 miles over the course of his workday.

At average walking speed, this meant he spent a little over 2 hours, or 25% of his day just walking back and forth across the yard to bring information to the office. What if the right mobile solutions could save him that physical trip across the yard? That would add 25% more time to his day that he can spend turning equipment. All without adding any overtime.

Learn more about Wynne’s award-winning mobile app, MobileLink. And let us show you how the right mobile solution can increase your team’s efficiency and give you 2 more hours in each day.

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