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Can Your Rental Business Be Smarter?

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Maintaining your equipment can be a big challenge–different equipment types and manufacturers require different repair parts and maintenance processes. A single piece of equipment has thousands of different parts that need to be identified, ordered, and managed for standard maintenance and equipment failure.

Wynne’s has integrated with SmartEquip for over ten years to provide our users real-time access to parts and service for more than 100 brands of equipment. This includes diagrams and manuals for various machines and the ability to create purchase orders and tracking of parts. Customers like Cresco Equipment Rentals are able to automate their service processes, increase technician productivity and eliminate ordering errors. Read about Cresco Equipment Rental’s recent integration of SmartEquip and RentalMan. If you are interested in making your business processes smarter, drop Wynne a line.

photo source: SmartEquip web page

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