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Minimize Labor Shortage Issues with MobileLink

Construction Men Using Fleet Utilization Software on Tablets
  • Pandemic-related labor shortage issues continue to persist, and span across multiple roles at rental companies
  • Technological solutions can alleviate these challenges by helping companies maximize their existing personnel
  • By integrating Wynne’s RentalMan with MobileLink, field and office teams can work more efficiently and alleviate some issues caused by labor shortages

Employers are taking creative approaches to overcome the current labor shortage. With over 11 million job openings, employers are looking for sign-on bonuses, company culture updates, and other strategies. Maintenance software management offers a competitive solution to construction and rental equipment industry companies. Find out more about current labor shortages that may be affecting your company and how technological solutions can help you maximize your existing field, office, and yard personnel.

Current Labor Shortage Issues

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors, over 47 million workers left positions across the nation, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. While virtually every industry has been affected, the manufacturing, construction, and equipment rental industries saw major setbacks. It’s estimated that up to 2.1 million positions in the industry could go unfilled by 2030. See how these unfilled positions translate into real-world issues in your company by exploring key roles in the construction, equipment rental, and manufacturing industries.

Construction Field Personnel

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find young, skilled construction professionals. The total number of positions is expected to increase by 24.7%, while the number of entry-level professionals is expected to increase by 72.8%, according to the Associated Builders and Contractors. Approximately 40% of construction workers are between 45 and 64.

These and other issues mean there are approximately million workers needed to fulfill demands in the industry. Without enough construction workers, the demand for rental equipment may decrease as companies struggle to find qualified heavy machinery operators to take on construction projects.

Equipment Rental Sales Professionals

There are also significant labor shortages in the equipment rental industry, according to the American Rental Association. Without enough sales professionals to manage operations, companies can’t manage equipment, prepare contracts, and maintain communication with clients.

Adding to the strain of filling every sales and office role is the prevalence of outdated equipment rental management systems. Many companies are still relying on paper, whiteboard, or basic Excel sheet equipment management organization systems. This type of system requires more time and training for office staff, particularly when compared with the latest equipment rental software options.

Manufacturing Workers

Deloitte Insights found that it was 36% more difficult to fill positions in the manufacturing industry in 2020 compared with 2018. Labor shortages in the manufacturing sector are one factor in the shortage of construction equipment. According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, about 95% of manufacturers have supply chain issues.

Material and labor shortages work together to create a situation where equipment is in high demand. If you’re operating an equipment rental company, then it’s essential that you maximize profits and minimize wrench time to keep your valuable, hard-to-replace machinery fully operational.

The best equipment rental companies analyze this operational data to identify the areas where they excel, where they have room to improve, and where they might want to invest in the future.

Seamless Solutions With MobileLink

Thanks to RentalMan rental equipment software, you can boost profitability through asset tracking, service management, invoicing features, and more. This dynamic computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is easy to integrate into your office and field work personnel routines thanks to MobileLink by Wynne. Explore the top features of this maintenance software management solution to minimize labor shortage issues in your organization.

Encourage Service Management Technology Adoption

With MobileLink, you can solve one of the major obstacles to equipment rental software adoption. This mobile solution allows field personnel to access RentalMan through any mobile device. Connecting your entire operations personnel with an easy-to-use maintenance software management solution offers the following benefits:

  • Avoid time-consuming paperwork
  • Prevent lost documents and invoices
  • Reduce communication time
  • Document equipment condition and performance in real time

If you’re like most service teams, you’re likely using a custom system that requires field personnel to write out information for your office employees to manually type into spreadsheets. Choose MobileLink to improve software adoption and cut out these time-consuming steps for more efficient use of your employees’ time as a way to overcome labor shortages.

Synchronize Payment

Not only can a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) help you make the most of your in-house sales team, but it can also help avoid payment disputes. Any disputes in payment that may arise between you and your clients can negatively affect your day sales outstanding (DSO). Because both you and your clients may be operating with labor shortages, staying on the same page can help avoid unnecessary tasks for your personnel.

Reduce Communication Delays

Keep your field personnel working efficiently with equipment rental software. MobileLink keeps your technicians, equipment operators, and other professionals working in the field or yard, not spending valuable time filling out paperwork in an office.

Mobile maintenance software management solutions help seamlessly connect your field and office teams without delays in communication or inefficient time spent traveling between the two. Relieve your hard-working team of these tasks to increase ROI and maximize employee time.

Improve Equipment Condition Monitoring

Do you know the condition of your equipment? Due to labor shortages in the manufacturing industry, it’s more important than ever to maintain fully operational heavy machinery. From safety equipment to bulldozers, MobileLink equipment rental software allows your field personnel and clients to share photos and equipment condition concerns in real time.

Thanks to this maintenance software management feature, you can plan ahead when it comes to routine maintenance or emergency repair requirements. Real-time communication through MobileLink can help alleviate some issues caused by any labor shortages in your maintenance department.

Discover How MobileLink Can Help Your Operations

Promote clear communication and state-of-the-art maintenance software management practices in your organization. Schedule a call to learn more about Wynne solutions for your company.

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