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Mastering Asset Management: A Deep Dive into Tracking and Customization Features

Workshop Servicing (3)

Discover the robust features of our equipment asset management system in this detailed walkthrough! We delve into the practical functionality that allows for granular tracking of individual assets, from double-clicking to reveal a comprehensive information window to changing statuses on the fly for super users. Learn about customizing status labels, updating bin locations, and efficiently managing asset end-of-life processes.

Additionally, we explore advanced tabs for recording operational data like clocked hours and utilization metrics, critical for service triggers and cyclical maintenance. With the flexibility to manually enter data or integrate API telematics readings, our system offers unparalleled control over service schedules and asset management.

We also highlight the ability to customize and manage a wide array of labels for attributes such as color, make, model, dimensions, and class, enhancing reporting capabilities and identification for mobile app usage in the field. Join us to see how our asset management system can streamline your operations and keep you ahead of maintenance schedules with ease.

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