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Asset Management Software Solutions

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Asset management software makes managing work orders in the field easier than ever

For those companies that need to control their assets in the field, either on long-term rental or company owned, a robust asset management system is key. Being able to manage your field engineers and technicians is as important as being able to manage your internal service bays and workshops. With this in mind, we’ve added specific functionality into the Wynne RentalResult Work Order mobile apps to assist with managing and tracking assets in the field.

As well as all the core asset management software of our work order app, if your construction or rental business has particular requirements for ensuring that assets are calibrated or tested in the field, the app also allows you to update certificate information and test sheets so that you can provide the relevant data to your customers and any legal authorities.

This means every time one of your technicians touches a machine they can update key information no matter where they are.  If they don’t have internet access, then the app will store the information ready to synchronize whenever it reaches a signal.

If you are renting assets to government facilities, restricted sites, or oil fields where OSHA requirements may be stringent, this information can be provided directly to your customers. Calibration, test and examination certificates, etc. can be provided via the job site portal as well as via a weekly equipment certificate emailed to your customer or included in any dispatch, transfer or relocation paperwork as appropriate. Warnings on expirations can be sent automatically so that your field service delivers real benefit for your customers and the safety of your equipment.

Asset Management Software for Construction Companies

If you are managing an internal rental business between your equipment facilities and your construction job sites, the new Work Order App is also designed with you in mind.

Work Orders can be associated with project or job costing and the data utilized in billing and reporting across your rental equipment fleet. You can also utilize the Work Order app to manage damage work orders, which can then be approved by your construction job site team via the job site portal.

Wynne’s mobile apps are designed to take your asset management business into the field and allow you to collect data in real-time with fully integrated processing to your core system. If you’d like to find out more about our asset management solutions and Work Order software, please let us know and we would be happy to discuss your needs and set up a demo.

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