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Do you want to reduce your construction costs overruns?

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The construction world is undergoing a transformation. The Wall Street Journal had an article in the paper this morning talking about building a better building. They wrote that the construction industry has been lagging behind other industries in going digital, but that is changing with impressive results.

The article noted that Boston Consulting Group estimates that within 10 years, full-scale digitalization will lead to 13% to 21% in cost savings. They also referenced that construction companies are typically 80% over budget and 20% behind schedule. Any impact to overall costs could mean a big difference to profitability and company success.

While the article goes into future technology like drones and robotic bricklayers, they leave out a discussion of what new technologies are available and being used today. There are solutions that other construction companies are using today to better manage their equipment and control costs.

Imagine giving your job site managers an online portal where they can order up the equipment they need for a specific job with the touch of a button on their smartphone. The request flows paperlessly to the yard for fulfillment and the back office for internal invoicing. Everyone has real-time visibility to see exactly where their equipment is at all times, so no more wondering when the backhoe will be delivered or where that generator is sitting.

Add to that dream, a supplier portal that gives you the ability to send our requests to multiple rental companies for equipment you are lacking. Go into the portal pick what equipment you want, where to deliver it and when and the request is sent to multiple suppliers at the same time. Suppliers can then answer your request and provide their best price allowing you to choose which one meets your requirements.  All without picking up a phone once. This is saving companies considerable time and money today!

If you are interested in any of these solutions for managing your business today, we should talk.  Learn more about a paperless back office, mobile solutions for your field personnel, or a better way to manage your rental suppliers.

Photo by Peter Nguyen used under the creative common license
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