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When it comes to IT, we’ve got you covered

A scalable and secure solution proven to support the largest companies in the world.

Industry-leading software backed by a reliable, customizable and highly flexible infrastructure

Safety and security

Since our founding, our customers have not experienced a successful malware attack. That’s reliability and security you can depend on.


Our solutions are designed for rapidly growing enterprise companies, making growth a non-concern for IT stakeholders.


Focus on other IT initiatives and we can handle your rental solution on our servers. We guarantee 99.9% uptime and offer support around the clock.

wynne integrations it management


When you need to connect your rental solution to other third party software, we make it easy. We offer over 200+ web services to connect your solutions and continue to build more with every release.

Maintenance and upgrades

Keeping your solution up-to-date with the most current features and functionality is top priority.

  • Major releases with new functionality occur every 3 months
  • Minor releases with bug corrections released as needed
  • Since 2017, our solutions have seen over 300 feature enhancements
wynne maintenance it management
wynne hosting it management


We offer our solutions with SaaS and hosting options. We monitor and maintain your server 24/7, apply upgrades and assist with IT support as you require. We’re SOC 1 (Type 2) compliant and strictly adhere to regulations that can impact your business (such as GDPR).

Frequently Asked Questions

On what platforms do your solutions operate?

Our RentalMan solution runs on the IBM i (previously known as the Power i or AS/400). This server offers a robustness and security that is unparalleled in terms of speed and reliability. Learn more about IBM i here.

RentalResult is a Java client-based application.

For these and all of our solutions, we offer hosting options to mitigate capital expense when selecting your ERP.

Do you offer SaaS or cloud-based solutions?

Yes, all of our solutions can be implemented as a cloud-based (SaaS) solution. In doing so, Wynne manages the server (including hardware and OS upgrades), your software maintenance upgrades and monitors activity 24/7.

What third-party integrations do you offer?

In the past, the only way to integrate two disparate solutions was building a single, point-to-point integration. However, this method made integrations extremely fragile. Any modification to either system could break the integration as a whole. Instead, we’ve chosen to open our platforms by utilizing web services. By doing so, you can connect to more web service-enabled platforms, making integrations more robust and scalable.

Learn more here.

What if we have another ERP we need to integrate to?

We understand that you may need to retain other solutions, such as a corporate ERP, and utilize our solutions to support the equipment division. In cases like this, we are able to integrate with several other solutions to eliminate the need for data entry across two platforms.

During the discovery process of the implementation, our team will dive into the details to understand what information needs to sync, in what manner, and include these finding within their implementation strategy.

How are upgrades handled?

If you select our SaaS/Hosted option, our team handles all of your upgrades for you. This includes major releases (quarterly) as well as minor releases (as needed).

If you prefer to self-host (also known as on-premise), you can manage your upgrades when you’d like to. We support you through the process to ensure a seamless upgrade.

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