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How Rental Companies Can Do More with Less

Times may be tough but with the right software and strategies, equipment rental companies can continue to achieve success. Our in-depth white paper outlines how organizations can overcome labor shortages, fuel prices, and general uncertainty by leveraging their current assets.

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  • How driver and mechanic shortages can be mitigated
    Qualified drivers and technicians are in short supply these days, straining transportation and service departments everywhere. Fortunately, with the right solutions, rental companies can achieve greater productivity with their current personnel.
  • How transportation departments can rein in fuel expenses
    The cost of gas continues to rise with no end in sight, but transportation departments aren’t without recourse. Proper logistics management solutions can help dispatchers route more effectively, reducing empty miles and wasted fuel.
  • How to prepare for what the future may hold
    We may be living through turbulent times, but that doesn’t mean rental companies can’t prepare ahead. From economic downturns to curveballs from Mother Nature, organizations can develop action plans to fortify themselves from whatever tomorrow may bring.
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