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Is it Better to Build or Buy Rental Equipment ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software?

Understand the investment of building or buying your next rental equipment ERP software

When making decisions around equipment rental ERP software, businesses must consider IT, HR, operations, and maintenance. Companies can either build their own software or buy it and customize it to their needs, with both options having advantages and disadvantages. 

This whitepaper highlights five key areas to consider in the decision process of building or buying rental equipment software, which are: time needed for development, IT skills and costs, maintenance costs, user collaboration tools, long-term scalability, integration with business systems, functional requirements, data security, special features needed, and risk management. 

In this whitepaper:

  • Key Differences in Buying vs. Building
  • Technology Procurement Governance
  • Integrations
  • Key Factors
  • Evaluation Criteria
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