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Is It Better to Build or Buy Rental Management Software?

For decades, rental companies have struggled with a difficult question: Should they build or buy their ERP? Since the right system can help a business reach new heights and the wrong one can result in disaster, the stakes couldn’t be higher.
This white paper aims to help rental companies understand the advantages and challenges of both approaches so that they can make the right decision for their business.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • The resources needed to build versus buy
    Creating an ERP from scratch is no small feat. To illustrate that, we leveraged our decades of experience developing software to estimate the total number of coders, man hours, and funds required to build a complete ERP.
  • Key technical considerations
    No two ERP systems are the same, which is why we go over security, integrations, and other technical considerations folks in and unrelated to IT should be cognizant of.
  • Risks you should be aware of
    Whether you ultimately choose to build or buy your next ERP, both approaches require significant time and resources to complete. In this white paper, we cover scenarios you should know about so that you can mitigate risk.