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ToolHound vs EquipFlows

Choosing the right construction equipment management software is critical. We want you to have the best information possible to do so.

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EquipFlows is an equipment management software tailored for a range of sectors, notably construction and healthcare. Offering a solution for efficiency, EquipFlows enhances processes, automates detailed workflows, and delivers actionable, real-time insights, which are critical in elevating profitability. Supported by the legacy of software innovation from Wynne Systems, EquipFlows provides teams with collaborative tools, boosting productivity and facilitating informed data-driven decisions. The software’s adaptable structure allows for effortless integration across various industry landscapes.



ToolHound is a tool and equipment tracking software that provides inventory control using RFID or barcode systems. The system functions much like a library, enabling checkout and return of tools, equipment, and consumables from tool rooms. ToolHound boosts staff accountability and reduces tool hoarding. Besides inventory management, the software ensures safer work practices by scheduling maintenance and tracking certifications. Its web-based architecture allows for remote access and management. Key benefits include streamlined inventory processes, reduced equipment losses, time savings, and enhanced worker productivity by ensuring tools are always readily available.


Key Features & Functionality

EquipFlows ToolHound
Tool and equipment management βœ… βœ…
Material & consumable management


Re-rent management βœ… 𐄂
Labor allocation βœ… 𐄂
Equipment servicing & calibration βœ… βœ…
Equipment maintenance scheduling βœ… βœ…
Asset purchasing & receiving βœ… βœ…
Job cost & billing βœ…
EHS management βœ… 𐄂
Reporting & analytics βœ…
Data import/export βœ…
Job site operations βœ… 𐄂
RFID, Barcode scanning βœ… βœ…
Delivery/pickup logistics planning βœ… 𐄂
Logistics application for branch/yard operations βœ… 𐄂
Driver application for delivery/pickup βœ… 𐄂
Equipment allocation to people whilst on job site βœ… 𐄂
Consolidated billing by project βœ… 𐄂
Allocation of cost to multiple tasks and activity codes βœ… 𐄂
Equipment requisition approval flow βœ… 𐄂
PO/re-rent PO approval flow βœ… 𐄂
Inventory counts with mobile apps βœ… 𐄂
Contract Management βœ… 𐄂
Online booking βœ… βœ…
CRM 𐄂 𐄂
Digital signature βœ… 𐄂
Rate management βœ… 𐄂

Equipment Management vs Equipment Rental Management

EquipFlows and Point of Rental are two distinct equipment management softwareΒ options, each offering unique capabilities to cater to different business needs.

EquipFlows is a comprehensive tool and equipment tracking and management platform that excels in handling both tools and heavy construction equipment. It is designed to streamline operations by providing a centralized system to track, organize, and manage assets efficiently. With EquipFlows, businesses can easily monitor the location and status of their tools and equipment, schedule maintenance, track usage history, and optimize resource allocation. Its flexibility allows users to customize the platform to suit their specific workflows and requirements, making it an excellent fit for companies dealing with diverse asset types.

Point of Rental focuses on rental management software. Catering to the rental industry’s specific needs, the company offers solutions that help businesses manage their inventory, reservations, maintenance schedules, and invoicing. Whether for equipment rentals or event services, their software aims to streamline operations and provide tools necessary for efficient rental management.

Deployment and Devices

Point of Rental offers both cloud-based and on-premises software deployment options. The cloud-based versions allow access from any location with an internet connection, while the on-premises editions are installed on local servers. The software is compatible with desktop computer systems for primary operations and has mobile applications or mobile-responsive interfaces for access via smartphones and tablets.

With EquipFlows’ flexible deployment options, you can seamlessly access and manage your tool and equipment tracking on various devices. For desktop users, EquipFlows is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, providing a consistent experience across these devices. If you’re always on the go, the mobile versions of EquipFlows are available for iPhone, Android, iPad, and Chromebook, ensuring that you can efficiently track and manage your assets from anywhere. Moreover, EquipFlows offers on-premise options for Windows and Linux, granting businesses additional control over their data and operations. No matter your preferred device or deployment method, EquipFlows empowers you to optimize your asset management with ease and convenience.


Which is the best software for my company size?

EquipFlows is designed for large enterprise construction companies seeking robust and comprehensive equipment management solutions. With its scalable features and advanced functionalities, EquipFlows efficiently handles the complexities of managing vast inventories, contracts, and intricate customer workflows. The platform allows large enterprises to optimize asset utilization, streamline workflows, and improve overall efficiency, making it the ideal choice for those dealing with extensive operations and diverse rental assets.

Point of Rental offers software solutions for various business sizes in the rental industry. Small businesses can benefit from their straightforward tools, while mid-sized companies have options with more features and customization. Large enterprises can utilize their comprehensive, high-capacity solutions.

Mobile Applications

Point of Rental had mobile apps that could be installed on smartphones or tablets. These apps typically provided essential features like checking inventory, creating or updating rental contracts, and more.

EquipFlows offers a complete suite of mobile apps specifically designed for asset and inventory management. These powerful apps empower users to access real-time views of their fleets and make adjustments on the go, ensuring seamless asset tracking and monitoring.

For logistics management, EquipFlows provides specialized apps for streamlining delivery and pickup processes. The logistics picking and confirm load apps facilitate smooth coordination of equipment selection, enabling efficient and timely operations.

EquipFlows also excels in simplifying quick orders, returns, and signature capturing tasks. The quick order and quick return apps accurately record equipment movements between locations, optimizing inventory management and reducing the risk of errors. Additionally, the signature capture app allows for easy and accurate confirmation of deliveries and returns, streamlining documentation processes.

Scanning Technologies

ToolWatch offers diverse scanning technologies, allowing flexibility for companies to choose the best-suited solution. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) automates scanning via BLE tags and gateways, logging items as they pass through. RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) scans items from a distance without requiring direct line of sight. Barcode scanning ensures quick and reliable scanning of individual items. The ToolWatch mobile app supports item barcode scanning, searching, and confirming physical locations.

Point of Rental’s software integrates with scanning technologies suitable for rental management tasks. They have barcode scanning for routine activities like checking items in and out, and inventory verification. Additionally, they support QR code scanning which offers a slightly expanded data storage capability for assets. For businesses interested in a more in-depth approach to asset tracking, Point of Rental also provides solutions that can work with RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification).

EquipFlows’ mobile apps leverage barcode scanning for instant and accurate data entry in real-time. These apps enable individual updates of asset status, location, attributes, and support various functions such as delivery and return from rental, as well as inventory counting. Mobile app users can conveniently utilize their device’s camera or pair it with a Bluetooth barcode scanner for seamless barcode scanning.


EquipFlows offers an impressive array of integrations, ensuring seamless connectivity with a diverse range of remote software. As long as the remote software can manage web services, EquipFlows can seamlessly integrate with it, offering unparalleled versatility to businesses. The platform seamlessly collaborates with renowned financial packages like Oracle, JDEdwards, SAP, eCMS, CMiC, and Sage 300/Timberline, streamlining financial management processes and enhancing accuracy.

  • Simplified user access with Single Sign-On integration through Azure Active Directory, ensuring secure and efficient login capabilities.
  • Streamlined sales tax management with integration to Vertex, ensuring compliance and accuracy in financial transactions.
  • Enhanced customer relationship management through seamless connections with CRM systems like Salesforce and Zoho, facilitating improved client interactions and seamless data flow.
  • Real-time asset tracking and location monitoring through Tierra (Topcon), optimizing resource allocation and operational efficiency.

EquipFlows’ flexible integration capabilities extend to custom integrations with customers’ own websites, facilitating seamless quote creation and enhancing the overall experience.

Point of Rental has integrated with various companies and services to offer a more comprehensive rental management solution. The exact integrations can vary based on the specific Point of Rental product or software version, as well as the region or market in which the software is used. Some common integrations might include Epicore, Equipment Watch, Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics, Rouse Analytics, SmartEquip, TSO Mobile, Trackunit, Quickbooks, and Stripe.

Leading construction companies around the globe leverage EquipFlows to manage their equipment.

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Over the last 20 years, we’ve used the RentalResult product, and this has been absolutely fantastic and key to our success in the fact that its supported us from moving from a very paper-based approach to a more digitized. And you can see this across all parts of our operations.

Jason ReedDirector at BAM Site Solutions

The biggest benefit and gain for is that we have better control of our equipment. This has reduced losses significantly.

Mark MullettPlant Manager at Doosan Babcock

I love the whole system. They have these direct Excel sheet uploads through the interface, and I cannot tell you how much time that that saved me moving from our old system to the new one.

David McGoughInventory Analyst Service Center - McGough Construction

The job site portal for me is probably the most important thing that we have going right now. What it does is it gives our people easy access to the things they need. It's our Amazon for our warehouse.

Brandon Van ZeelandDirector of Service at McGough Construction

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