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Wynne’s 2016 Focus on the Customer

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Wynne had a big growth year in 2015 that will position us to better serve our customers in 2016 and beyond. Wynne underwent two major shifts in the year. The first was to spin off InTempo Software to allow Wynne to focus on large, multinational rental companies. Then in December, Wynne purchased Rental Result and added another strong product to our portfolio and a new client base of construction companies. During this time, Wynne remained focused on our customers and added over 140 new enhancements to our core product. These investments strongly position Wynne to continue to be the dominant choice among the largest rental companies.

Wynne will continue focusing on rental customers in 2016 and will support and develop both the RentalMan and RentalResult product lines going forward. Features and functionality will be leveraged between the two product lines and enhancements made to both platforms. Personnel will share best practices to make sure we continue to offer two powerful ERP software alternatives to the market. At present, 8 of the top 10 rental companies in North America already use our software.

Wynne has expanded our presence in both North America and Europe, which will ultimately enhance our coverage and get personnel closer to our customers. We now have teams in France, England, Sweden and the United States. A larger staff will be ready to address customer’s growing needs.

In addition to focusing on the needs of rental businesses, Wynne will branch out to support construction companies. Construction companies need better visibility of their fleets and assets and Wynne’s software allows companies to accurately track, manage and account for their equipment at numerous job sites. Wynne software can be easily integrated to their other ERP solutions to provide a complete solution for construction businesses.

We look forward to spending more time with our customer in 2016 and growing our business along with yours. Please stop by to see us at the ARA Rental Show in February or the User Conference in March to talk to us first-hand about our vision and how we can better focus to meet your needs.

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