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Wynne Systems Focuses on National and Multinational Rental Companies

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We are realigning our structure under our parent company, Volaris Group, to enable us to focus more on the larger national and international rental customers.

Today we introduced InTempo Software which will focus on local and regional rental operators.  InTempo will combine the operations of Solutions by Computer (SBC) with a segment of Wynne Systems customers.  Both SBC and Wynne Systems are owned by Volaris Group, and Volaris Group will continue to be the parent of InTempo Software and Wynne Systems going forward.

This is a strategic step forward designed to give the maximum focus for each customer segment. With the creation of InTempo, Wynne can focus its organization and resources to best serve the large Enterprise clientele, while InTempo focuses on the local and regional rental companies.  Wynne will continue to market RentalMan and its supplementary products to national and multinational rental companies, while InTempo’s software portfolio will include RentalMan, Enfinity and CounterPro.  According to John Bureau, General Manager of Wynne Systems  “Our primary focus at Wynne will be on serving national and multinational rental companies.”

We’re excited about the opportunities this combination unlocks for our customers. And we’ll be sure to keep them informed as we move through the transition.

Most of all, we’re proud to integrate our wealth of equipment rental industry experience. Separately, we were two great teams – together, we can leverage our strengths in product development and customer care to your advantage.

If you have any questions about InTempo or Wynne, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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