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What IT Pros Were Buzzing About at NADITA 2022

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  • At this year’s NADITA conference, software consolidation and cybersecurity were the two topics attendees couldn’t stop talking about
  • Comprehensive rental ERPs allow companies to manage all aspects of their business without having to maintain integrations between disparate solutions
  • Cybersecurity is just as much about personnel training as it is about bolstering a company’s technological infrastructure

Last week, CAT dealers from around North America gathered at the ARIA Resort and Casino for the 2022 NADITA Conference. The annual IT-focused event featured workshops and roundtables where representatives from many of the most-recognizable names in the equipment rental industry shared their opinions, experiences, and best practices. With sessions covering everything from digital collaboration tools to the applications of rugged hardware solutions, the conference’s agenda truly ran the gamut.

But according to the Wynne Systems personnel in attendance, two topics seemed to be at the forefront of people’s minds at the show. Seemingly wherever you went, IT professionals were discussing how they could consolidate the software their businesses rely on and what measures they could take to enhance their cybersecurity.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring how solutions offered by Wynne Systems address both of those pressing IT concerns.

Consolidating your software under one roof

Many equipment rental companies depend on a mishmash of specialized software solutions to manage their businesses. For example, it’s not uncommon for a rental business to have individual solutions for managing its rental operations, logistics, maintenance work, and finances. And while such setups can work well enough for small businesses, things tend to come apart at the seams when applied at enterprise scale.

For software solutions to work in harmony with one another, the integration that passes data between them need to be flawless. And the more applications a business relies on, the more perfect integrations they’ll require for their operations to run smoothly. Ensuring that every one of an enterprise’s mission-critical software solutions plays nice with its counterparts is no small lift for an IT department, especially when hardware upgrades, server migrations, and software updates can throw everything into disarray.

Fortunately, rental companies have a way to sidestep this challenge entirely. From purchasing to asset management and maintenance to depreciation, comprehensive ERPs like RentalMan handle all aspects of operating a rental business. By opting to go with an all-in-one rental management solution, developing and maintaining a litany of integrations is no longer necessary, allowing IT teams to focus their effort and resources towards on more productive tasks.

For software solutions to work in harmony with one another, the integration that passes data between them need to be flawless.

Fortifying your rental business from cyberthreats

In recent years, high-profile cybersecurity breaches have seemingly gone from sporadic, one-off events to something we hear about constantly in the news. As hackers grow more sophisticated in their methods, it is of the utmost importance that companies ramp up their defenses to keep pace. For that reason, this year’s NADITA conference had about half a dozen sessions dedicated to the topic of cybersecurity.

To prevent their companies from becoming the latest victim to suffer a cyberattack, rental companies would be well-advised to bolster both their infrastructure and personnel. Firstly, there are many ways for IT teams to reduce risk. Simply keeping software up to date prevents attacks related to exploits specific to older release versions. Endpoint protection tools like anti-malware, anti-virus, and threat intelligence software can prevent attacks from getting through. And proactive monitoring can help identify both internal and third-party vulnerabilities before they are compromised. Wynne Systems follows these other protocols to safeguard against security threats.

As for the human element, training can go a long way to prevent phishing attempts and other security breaches. With the proper education, personnel of all technical skill levels can be taught to recognize and avoid potentially malicious communications. At this year’s NADITA conference, many companies shared success stories regarding how they were able to increase awareness of cyberthreats among their employees through a variety of educational approaches.

For more information about Wynne Systems’ software solutions, contact us to ask questions or to arrange a demo.

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