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Tips for Managing Vendors in the Middle of a Supply Chain Crisis

construction vendor that sells steel beams
  • Two years out from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruptions continue to stymie procurement teams
  • Fortunately, construction firms can mitigate some supply chain-related difficulties through strategic collaboration with their vendors
  • Wynne’s Supplier Connect offers a way for procurement teams to more effectively communicate with their preferred vendors through robust automation

As we’ve all observed in the news, at the grocery store, and at work for anyone involved in the construction industry, supply chain difficulties continue to persist. Raw materials remain in short supply, frustrating procurement teams across the globe.

But while this pandemic-caused supply chain unraveling is in many ways unprecedented, construction companies still have means of making the best of a difficult situation. This column from Construction Dive outlines five strategies large organizations can employ to better manage their suppliers. As this issue has left no construction firm unaffected, it’s well worth the read.

With Supplier Connect, procurement teams can make sourcing what their projects need far faster and easier.

Now more than ever, construction companies require the ability to communicate with their suppliers as efficiently as possible. When there are no guarantees that any one supplier has the raw materials a procurement team is looking for, manually calling and emailing multiple suppliers one by one might seem like a necessary burden. Fortunately, Wynne Systems has a solution that automates much of that process.

Supplier Connect automatically notifies a procurement team’s preferred vendors via email whenever a relevant requisition is submitted. These notifications prompt suppliers to log in to their easy-to-use portal so they can submit a quote for the requested materials. From there, procurement teams are able to evaluate the quotes they receive and go with the best choice for the job. This automated workflow enables construction companies to shop around for favorable pricing without having to spend hours of their days dialing numbers and writing emails. With Supplier Connect, procurement teams can make sourcing what their projects need far faster and easier.

To learn more about what Wynne Systems’ suite of construction-aimed solutions, contact us today.

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