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Time Savings Through Self-Service Customer Portals

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We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money”, so how can this Customer Portal application save your company time and money? Customer Portal is a consumer-facing web application that provides Wynne customers a place to deliver account information and engage in commerce with their customers. Imagine this as a tool to let you accomplish more things on your “to do list”, and to be able to inform your customers without having to place or answer a phone call!

What does that mean exactly? Customer Portal allows your customers to log into their personal or company account to access their account history, including the ability to view and pay for invoices. Customers can even search and view your equipment availability through the application. This means your customers can access this information 24/7! Scheduled activity reports can even be created by the customer to send to designated contacts within their organization.

Unfortunately, customers can unknowingly cost you time and money if you’re stuck in a game of “phone tag”, checking invoices, or running reports. Customer Portal frees up your time by letting the customer do the legwork on account information, so you can help them with their sale more efficiently. After checking your company’s equipment availability online, your customer can make an efficient phone call to your company, knowing that you have a rental ready for them. The Portal user can also send a rental stop request from their account, ensuring that the right equipment gets called off at the right time, and notifies the correct branch.

Manual billing and payments can be time-consuming and errors can cause confusion for your Accounting department, and result in cash-flow issues for your business. This application provides more ways for your customers to pay invoices on time. With the ability to make partial payments, full payments, and pay multiple invoices at once, your business can collect on invoices potentially immediately.

Time and money are not the only things that are improved by using Customer Portal. The relationship with your customer and your company can grow and prosper from this wealth of knowledge and access. A Customer Portal account allows your customer to find, rent, and pay for equipment as quickly and easily as possible. This flexibility and all-access service encourage faith and loyalty in your company.  That sounds like a win-win!

Written by Lauren Anderson, Proposal Coordinator for Wynne Systems

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