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Three Procurement and Tracking Challenges You Can Eliminate in 2020

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With ever-changing equipment needs, demanding deadlines, and strict budget constraints, job sites are notoriously hectic. At the same time, it’s important for construction companies to realize that, despite this chaos, many of the challenges they face can be alleviated or eliminated with the right solutions. For this blog, we’ll be focusing on obstacles construction firms encounter when procuring and tracking equipment and how Wynne’s Job Site Portal solution can address them.

Endless Games of Phone Tag

Effective collaboration hinges on efficient communication, and in the modern age, phone calls simply cannot keep pace with the demands of today’s job sites. Back-and-forth equipment facility calls can quickly add up and distract managers from other tasks that require their attention. What’s more, it’s not uncommon for seemingly clear instructions to be misinterpreted over the phone. When such miscommunications occur, they can result in significant delays and even cost overruns.

Disappearing Assets

An incredible number of people and assets enter and exit a job site over any given day. As a result, with assets constantly changing hands and being relocated, it’s not uncommon for even project-crucial equipment to go missing. When rented assets in need of return can’t be found, late fees can quickly accrue, endangering the narrow budgets construction firms operate within. What’s more, lost assets can deprive job sites of the equipment they need, resulting in a domino effect of diminished productivity.

Minimal Visibility

At most job sites, requisitioning equipment is supposed to follow a particular protocol with only specific personnel authorized to make certain requests and strict approval processes. In reality, such operational frameworks are frequently subverted. When they are, procurement teams and job site managers naturally tend to ask who ordered what and when. Unfortunately, when procurement is conducted via record-less phone calls, it falls on people’s memories to remember such crucial details. As you might expect, this lack of visibility over who, what, and when oftentimes leaves procurement teams and job site managers incredibly frustrated.

Job Site Portal to the Rescue

Wynne Systems’ Job Site Portal aims to make all of the challenges listed above a thing of the past. By digitizing communications between the job site and equipment facility, Job Site Portal eliminates miscommunications, grants complete visibility over asset locations, and makes staying within budget a much easier task by minimizing re-rent costs.

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