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Three Pandemic Era Practices Worth Keeping for the Long Haul

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As case counts decline and vaccines become more available in many parts of the world, a return to life as it was before COVID-19 seems closer than ever before. But while we look forward, it’s also worth reflecting on the past year and the adaptations we’ve made to endure this pandemic.

To protect the health of their customers and employees, rental companies everywhere have reinvented how they operate. From installing plexiglass barriers at the counter to having certain personnel work from home, much has changed since March 2020.

And while many rental companies can’t wait to get back to the way things were, some coronavirus-forced adaptations stand to remain relevant post-pandemic. In this blog post, we’ll explore three such practices.

Curbside and Contactless Services

Taking a queue from the retail industry, many rental companies began to provide curbside pickup of equipment within the first few months of the pandemic. Convenient, efficient, and, most of all, safe, curbside pickup has proven popular with both customers and employees for good reason.

Even as the initial impetus for contactless services begins to subside, it would be a shame for rental companies to deprive their customers with the freedom to choose how they wish to be served. After all, enjoyable experiences transform first-time customers into long-time customers.

Outreach Through Social Media

For safety reasons, many sales representatives have only recently been able to resume in-person visits to customer offices and job sites. During most of the pandemic, with face-to-face meetings an impossibility, reps were forced to use alternative means of communicating with their customers and prospects. And while videoconferencing proved to be a mediocre substitute for in-person interactions, the pandemic reaffirmed the reach of social media.

After doubling their social media marketing efforts, many rental companies have reported significantly more engagement (and sales attributed to that engagement) than before the pandemic. If such success isn’t anomalous, it seems rental companies would be well-advised to keep active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn even when COVID-19 becomes a thing of the past.

Online Ordering

While online ordering was definitely around before novel coronavirus struck, the practice experienced an astounding surge in popularity throughout the pandemic. Because customers are spending more time than ever in front of their computers, it’s only natural that they’d want to take advantage of the convenience offered by online ordering.

To take full advantage of this digital shift, it’s imperative that rental companies offer streamlined online experiences such as fast, easy-to-use websites and the ability to sign contracts remotely. By having a better online offering than the crowd, rental businesses can gain an invaluable competitive advantage.

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