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The Construction Re-Rent Challenge

construction workers actively working on jobsite

Before you make a purchasing decision, how often do you shop around to ensure that you get the best deal possible? If you’re like most people, more often that not, you are fully willing to spend some additional time to compare pricing. And why wouldn’t you be willing to put in a little bit of extra effort to save some bucks? When it comes to business-to-consumer transactions in the age of the internet, it hardly takes any time at all to find the best offerings available.

If only things were so easy and low-stakes in the construction world. When deadlines need to be met and budgets must be adhered to, the impact of every purchasing decision quickly adds up. In this blog, we’ll be exploring the logistical challenges that prevent construction companies from finding favorable pricing on re-rented equipment.

So Many Re-Rents, So Little Time

When it comes to sourcing external equipment, construction companies often find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Projects operate on tight deadlines and any delays in procuring needed equipment can set back crucial milestones and result in added job site costs. Because of this, many projects don’t have the time to contact multiple vendors and wait for them to provide quotes. Calling and emailing vendors takes considerable time, and faced with so many other responsibilities, procurement teams often don’t have the bandwidth to spend hours hunting for deals. But when construction companies only go with the first quote given to them, they’re sure to spend significantly more on re-rents than they should be.

Streamlining Re-Rent Procurement with Supplier Connect

Thankfully, Wynne Systems has a solution to help streamline and automate re-rent procurement. With Supplier Connect, instead of having to tediously contact multiple vendors individually, users’ preferred vendors automatically receive quote requests whenever a requisition is created in Wynne’s Job Site Portal solution. Once they receive those quotes requests, vendors can easily and instantly submit quotes from within Supplier Connect. From there, all that’s left for equipment facilities to do is accept the best quote. By sharply reducing the burden of manual communications and getting vendors more actively involved, construction companies can ensure that they are always receiving the best deal available without having to sacrifice valuable productivity.

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