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The Challenges of Early Adopters

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Being first to upgrade has its challenges… and its benefits. There is always the allure of having the latest gadget or technology, but it’s not always easy to implement, especially if you’re the first to do so. In this age of technology, where new products and software hit the shelves every day, equipment rental companies are hit from both sides: New technology to better serve their business operations, and new technology to better serve their clients. This article primarily references new software, but could be seen as adopting new tech for your equipment as well.

Challenge: Being the first to use new technology, you will uncover some “undocumented features”

The first time out, you’ll likely uncover some things that don’t work as you had initially expected. There are events that happen outside of the scope that will pose some challenges. Some of them big enough that you have to go back to the drawing board, while others are minor that you can find a work-around. It should be noted that you can’t possibly account for every scenario when building or implementing new technology, but you’d be best served to think outside the box before adopting the new tech.


You’re also the coolest person on the block. Not only do you have the latest technology, but you are also a driving force behind the direction of the product or technology. Many tech companies will release a minimal viable product (MVP), which leaves much room for customer feedback on improvement and enhancement.

Challenge: Day-to-day operations may be interrupted in the early days of the adoption.

Software systems have numerable situations and possibilities to account for. Not every scenario can always be addressed in the development of new systems. Therefore it is possible you may encounter difficulties and disruptions in your daily work flow. This can cost time and potentially money if the software prevents you from doing your job.


This gives you the opportunity to review your current processes and find more efficient alternatives. So, although there may be some interruptions in the early stages, this may actually save you time and money in the long run.

Challenge: Patience may be tested on a frequent basis

Your patience as well as that of your team members may be tested as you work through the issues in a new system. Tempers may rise when something breaks that could lead to resentment of the new changes.


If you create early advocates in the planning stages of new technology or products, you’ll find that there is more enthusiasm for the success of the initiative. Advocates understand the vision and will be therefore dedicated to seeing it become a success.

What challenges do you face with technology, or do you avoid being an early adopter? Tell us more in the comments!

This article was written by Dan Deaton, Senior Progammer Analyst at Wynne Systems.

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