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Streamline Your Rentals: Construction Equipment Tracking with RentalResult

By Other2 min read

Discover the ease of managing your construction equipment rentals with our comprehensive video guide on RentalResult by Wynne Systems. This blog post accompanies a detailed demo that illustrates the power and simplicity of creating rental contracts, customizing rates, and allocating assets with our tracking software.

Key Features Highlighted in the Demo:

  • Automated Contract Pre-Population: Learn how RentalResult streamlines contract creation by automatically filling in details, cutting down on manual data entry.
  • Rate Customization for Projects and Clients: See how to personalize rate sheets for different projects or client needs, ensuring your pricing is always on point.
  • Smart Asset Allocation: Find out how to utilize ECODE allocation to choose assets based on comprehensive data like age, cost, and value, directly within the contract module.
  • Strategic Decision Making: Gain insights into selecting the best equipment for your most important clients, enhancing satisfaction and reducing breakdown risks.
  • Efficient Transition to Transport Planning: Complete your contracts and swiftly move into transport planning within the same system for a seamless operation.

Our video provides a step-by-step walkthrough of these features, showing you how RentalResult can enhance your rental process from start to finish.

RentalResult is designed to optimize your rental operations, from asset tracking to contract management. Watch our video demo now to see how you can improve your equipment utilization and keep your business moving forward.

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