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Optimism for the German Rental Market

The International Rental News reported today that there is optimism in the German rental market for 2016. The report highlights growth for rental companies in 2015 but notes much of the growth was due to increased sales, not necessarily rentals.

It would seem like renting equipment would be a natural fit for the country that reported recycling more than any other OECD country.  Germany recycles an impressive 65% of its waste by recycling or composting. Will a greater national focus on recycling correlate to more rentals that purchases in the years to come?

Add to that the growth of the “sharing economy” that is emerging with companies like Uber, leads me to think we will see a lot more growth for equipment rental companies in Germany and the rest of the world in the years to come. What do you think?

Infographic: The Countries Winning The Recycling Race | Statista

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