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Changing the Burden of Proof on Customer Damage Claims

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One challenge all rental companies face is equipment damage. But the real question is where and when was it damaged. Did something happen in the yard? Or maybe during the delivery? Or, did something occur at the job site while in possession of the customer?  The answer to these questions can make a big difference in who pays for fixing the equipment and who’s responsible for the loss of revenue while your equipment is in the service bay for repair.

Mobile solutions can provide the detailed information you need to determine when equipment is damaged. It enables rental personnel to quickly and accurately document the condition of equipment right before change of possession, such as delivery or pick-up.  Yard personnel or drivers can take time and geo-stamped photos of the equipment from multiple angles, capturing the state of the equipment. This ensures the condition of the equipment is clearly visually recorded and can be shared with the customer in real time.  Then the data is stored in single master RentalMan record for later review if there is damage. This can save your company money and aggravation, and places accountability where it belongs.

Want more proof?  Just ask Peter Casas of Tejas Equipment who recently added Wynne’s mobile solution and said “It will forever change the burden of proof on customer damage claims.”   Read more in the case study. 

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