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Mobile Evolution is Changing the Way We Do Business

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I read an interesting study on the adoption of apps that let people request a cab ride, track the driver and journey and pay for the experience all from their mobile device. The two most prevalent companies are Uber and Lyft. You might be familiar with these companies, but then again you may not.

According to a recent study by Pew Research Center, only 15% of Americans have ever used this type of service and 33% said they have never even heard of these services. Not surprisingly, usage varies significantly with age. 28% of users were 18-29 year olds, while only 8% were in the 50-64 age bracket. This doesn’t seem too surprising since younger adults often adopt technology earlier.

You might be reading this and think who cares about this new mobile app or that younger people adopt new technology faster. But take a second to think about who is most likely to rent general construction equipment from you this summer. I suspect it will be a younger, new homeowner or an upcoming executive at one of your national accounts that is moving up the ranks. Either way, it is likely to be someone that expects to do business using the same technology and tools they use in the rest of their life.

Next, think about your newest employee, who very likely is a millennial. Like it or not, they will expect to use mobile to conduct business. Mobile apps just make sense for your employees and customers and make business easier.  Employees in the field can use their mobile devices to check equipment inventories or see what equipment their customer has on-site. Drivers can manage their deliveries and pickups more efficiently.

According to a recent article in Rental Management on Mobile Evolution, Robert Gray notes that rental companies are pushing software supplies to add more mobile features to be used internally as well as to deliver to their customers. Consumers are increasingly asking for online ordering via a mobile app. “Reducing the amount of friction between the customer and the equipment rental company is showing as a value-add through the use of mobile,” Gray says.

What are your mobile plans for 2016?

Written by: Kathy Panzl, Director of Marketing

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